It took a dive…

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It was all fun and games and cute until my child decided to play too much on the pool steps and almost fell in. Motherly instincts are stronger than the thought to take my cell off my lap before saving my baby.

That was the last picture I took before My Beloved HTC Amaze took a dive into the pool yesterday and her screen wont light up. I’m gonna doctor on her for the next few days meanwhile using my old craptasic phone whose touchscreen doesn’t work well and doesn’t have Instagram (Dies slowly at the thought).

Needless to say after work hours I’m out of commission from most everything. How sad! I feel like I’m on punishment.

Don’t miss me too much guys. *weeps*


17 thoughts on “It took a dive…

    • The entire ordeal was about 10 seconds and it took me another 5 seconds to take it apart. That picture is cute. Glad google backs up all the pics I take

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