Reunions end

It’s Monday morning and I have to take big sis, my niece and nephew to the airport. After that, the plan WAS to meet up with kita and pookah’s mama for breakfast near the airport. That had been the plan since the previous evening Nd I was excited about it. Those are my girls even tho we’ve never met! Lol


my baby girl was up and in a good mood

So I follow my uncle and aunt to the airport. They have an extra large rented suburban full of my sister and her family. We get there and everyone gets out of the car. Jas is in her seat trying to unbuckle herself. She breaks down when I tell her we aren’t going with them. I told her we are gonna go eat from breakfast and meet some friends. She’s okay with this so I start to pull off. My aunt flags me down and says for me to follow them. They have to take back their rental and I am their ride home. *record scratch* What part of the game is this? I was never told about this plan. I had ish to do and friends to meet. How did I even get involved in this mess?

So now I’m fuming. I tweet the girls and let them know I’m not gonna make it. I feel like crap because now I feel like I stood them up and it wasn’t intentional. They could have stayed home instead of coming out of the house just for me. I still feel bad girls *weeps* I made jas take this picture and say sorry we missed y’all.


sorry! I really wanted to hang out

So we drive about 45 mins the opposite direction to take this damn truck back. My morning is gone. I’m tried and hella annoyed.  When we get back to my aunties house am so upset and I can’t even take a nap.I packed all my bags and out them in the car. I was going to stay the last night with my granny. While I saw her every day I hadn’t got to spend much time with her. So a full day with Granny was in order!

Jas got to play with her new favorite cousin Christian for awhile and then we were off to meet Nilla and her boyfriend for lunch.



how cute are they! and he’s my bday twin. Same bday and his mom named him after me!

We got to the Atlanta Bread Company to meet up with Nilla and her BF who were already waiting. It was another scorcher outside and Jas wasn’t feeling it. When we make it inside I see my friend and I have to hug her. I hugged her boyfriend too. Hey, we’re huggers around these parts! Get used to it!

They order food and I get a smoothy, I had a large breakfast. Jas says she doesn’t want anything. I knew I’d be back to get her something soon.

We find a seat and chat it up. Nilla’s BF is very nice and friendly. He’s very easy to like. I can see why she likes him so much and I knew she loved me more than most people since I got to meet him first hand! lol

Jas and Nilla play across the table and Jas plays with BF too. That’s a good sign because she doesn’t like everyone. Children are very good judges of character.

After we are there for a bit Jas decided she was hungry as I knew she would. I got and order her a kids cheese pizza and she eats all the cheese off of it and then tells me shes done.


We chill and chat some more and then it’s time to go. Nilla have to make cupcakes and I have to go love up on my granny.

I hug my girl and her BF again before we head outside. Outside, Jas is dying of heat stroke instantly and I try my best to get her in the car as fast as I can so I can turn on the ac.

We get to my granny’s house and my parents and Deja are still there. Their flight doesn’t leave until later. I was happy to get to hang out with them some more too before we left.

After a few hours they had to leave and we were all sad like we don’t all live minutes away from each other at home. I know everyone gets sad after our reunions are over there. It’s like we’re in our own little bubble for how ever many days and then it’s popped and we are back to reality.

They leave and Deja texts me that she and my mom cried in the car because they weren’t ready to leave it. 😦 I told her I would probably be doing the same thing the next day when it was time for me to go.

By now it seems like Jas has had a full long day so she and my other big sister knock out in my cousins room.


while they sleep, I got spend some QT with my granny.

Jas and “Dranny” as she called her

They greatest thing about being in ATL and with my granny is that Jas was able to fall in love with her the way the rest of us are.

We spent the rest evening talking to Granny and playing with baby Mekhi and talking with my auntie and sister and cousins.

I went to bed monday night and a reasonable hour. Jas even stayed on her side of the bed!

Tuesday morning we get up and lounge around a bit. I really didn’t want to go home yet but I missed my bed and missed my honey. Granny made is breakfast and I sat around with her all morning.

at around 11am I got Jas and myself dressed. Our plane was leaving at 3pm and I wanted to leave granny’s at 1 to give us time to get there and turn the car in.

I say my sad goodbye to everyone still there and Jas and I get on the road. I get to the airport in enough time to make our plane but I underestimated how much stuff we had.

I had Jas, her carseat, her stroller, our suitcase, my purse, Jas’s backpack and a carry-on bag with the dvd player and dvd’s and my laptop in it. How the hell was I going to get us and all of this stuff to the ticket counter to check in?

Well has pushed her own stroller with her backpack on it. I pulled my suitcase and tried to drag-carry that carseat the entire way. We got on the airport train thing ( whatever its called) and it took us to the the gate. I felt like I was dying trying to lug all of that stuff. I even stopped and broke down crying at one point i was so frustrated. I wasn’t ready to go really and I had all this crap to lug. I pulled it together and we made it to the ticket counter.

The lady checked my suitcase and told me we were late. I already knew that and didn’t need her telling me. I snapped at her and she shut up real quick.

We get into the security line and I check my phone. We have 30 mins to make it to the gate. They scan the bags and stroller and what not and then stop me to tell me they have to check my bag because i have something in it thats showing on the scans. I tell her broad it’s only hair oil and she can throw it away. I forgot to put it on my suitcase. whatever! Just hurry it up!

We make it to the gate and my plane just took off. 😦 I really don’t need this right now. The very nice man at the ticket counter for southwest told me not to worry and put us on standby for the next flight. I tired not to break down crying on him again.

Now we were on standby waiting to board a plane that was going to stop in vegas and have a layover before heading to LAX.

I let jas run around. I make a few calls and before I knew it we were on the flight.

I assured the lady sitting next to me that Jas was an excellent flyer and she had nothing to worry about. Jas did great as usual and the last and flight attendants were again impressed. She slept most of the flight and when she woke up she watched Despicable Me on dvd.

We get to vegas and it feels like dragons are breathing on their airport. It’s hot as balls and they are doing construction. I did find us some food and water and we sat and waited for out next flight.

Jas made a friend in an older white woman who played with her and chased her around. Jas had a ball. They played hide and seek and the pilot  waiting with us was very impressed by her counting skills. “How old is she? 2!? and she can count to 25!? Wow!? You have a smart girl there.” Why yes, yes I do.

We get on the plane and we find a seat. Some huge as white woman is already sitting down in the aisle seat and looking at us like we are crazy. The flight attendant asks what the problem is. I say well, we see these 2 seats are empty but she’s not letting us sit down. The attendant makes her move and we squeeze into out seats. I really wanted to fight this woman in her face because i was already not having a great day. I don’t care what your reasons for not wanting to move were Magilla but my BABY and I needed seats. Unless you paid for all 3 seats ( and she should have paid for 2 #truestory) you need to move your ass when seats are empty.

But we get our seats and proceed to act like this woman isn’t even there. The flight is less than an hour so I entertain Jasmine. The lady remarks when we land that Jas was really good. I just stare at her.

We make it off the plane and my bad mood has lifted. We are home! Bestie comes to pick us up and take us home. Honey comes to return my keys and smooch is and we call it a night.

It was a great trip. I can hardly wait until 2014 for our next reunion in Chicago!



6 thoughts on “Reunions end

  1. Aww c’mon now Krissy, you know how we as black people are, always on someone else’s time. I understand exactly what you mean when others assume you are willing to be their ride. Lol. I see it on a weekly basis.

    Good stuff @ your daughter and grandmom falling in love with one another. So much joy in the process.

    Haha @ eating all the cheese off and saying she’s done. Why is your daughter so grown! Lol.

    • They could have at least told me the plan so I could have told them mine.

      Granny has been in love with Jas. She was just playing hard to get lol

      My child is a mess, I thought you knew lok

  2. dragons were breathing on the vegas airport? bwahahaha. sorry you had so much travel drama, but it’s always worth it to see family. Jas is a great traveler so that’s a plus!

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