Peace up A-Town Down: Sunday, its almost the end

After not going to sleep at any decent hour on Saturday night, a few of us ( was supposed to be all of us smh damn party animals) got up to go to church with my granny. She loves to show us off when we get together. Big sis, Jas, Amari and myself go into the car and made our way to Schaffer Road Church of Christ. It was my second visit and I see why Granny likes it. The people are very friendly and welcoming and their preacher is pretty good.

In all 16 of us showed up for Granny and she was proud. She knows if no one is gonna go to church with her, I will get up and go.

Granny hates pictures

After church everyone who was still in town came back to my aunt’s house for round 2 of chillin. We still had plenty of food and the kids wanted to get wet.

After hanging out awhile, Jas and I headed over to meet KRock and the girls.

We came back to the house and just continued hanging out.

My cousin had a get together at her house for “the grown folks” and a lot of the cousins went over to her house and stayed there til who knows when.

And this was our Sunday. We relaxed and just enjoyed each other. Everyone was leaving the next morning so we made the most of our time together.




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