Peace up A-Town Down Pt3 Saturday Family funday ( picture heavy)

Saturday was hot as balls ( as were all the days we were there). Jas slept til 1030 atl time which i guess is about right. I don’t think either of our bodies ever switched time zones.

I decided to let jas wear her hair down this day because I knew she would be playing in water again. Water was the only thing that would keep my baby girl from crying due to the heat so I let her have it.

We got dressed and lounged around again.

Jas and  Nephew Miles

My oldest sister, aint she cute!

oh look its me!

Big sis and I were stupid brave and decide we would venture out to the beauty supply store and to find some water guns for the kids. I think I melted while we were out. After 3 store we found water guns and headed back to my aunts where the days festivities were going to take place.


When we got back every one was arriving. We got into our reunion shirts so we could get ready for this large group picture. It was hectic to say the least!

It took us a minute but we finally got it together. There were a few people missing. My cousin was nursing and my aunt was missing and a few others but for the most part, everyone who came for the reunion was in this picture. #LOVE

Did i mention it was hot as balls out there? Yea we dispersed quickly

We sat to eat and and once it cooled off a bit we were ready to get our reunion show started.  Its been a tradition for quite a few years now for us to showcase our talents and showcase we do.

We sing

We rapwe play instruments

we dance

we play sportsand mostly, we support each other in whatever it is we do!oh wait, we’re thugsAnd when all is said and done, no party is complete without a soul train line!I know you guys are jealous! lol

After that we just hung around

yea, i got problems lmao

me and my sisters , hot and tired

thee end. . . of saturday that is lol




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