Peace up A-Town down Pt2 Friday ( picture heavy)

Thursday was a very long day of traveling. Friday we woke up, had breakfast and kind of lounged around for awhile.

More cute baby cousins. This is Za

We knew we would be going to the Cobb County Rec Center to swin and have our Swag Vs Swagger bball tournament at 4 so my day was free. Mimi and I had planned to hang out do that’s what Jas and I did.

After leaving Mimi and the girls, Jas and I headed back to Granny’s to pick up my sister and the kids. We headed over to the rec center. When we get there the weirdo dude at the door wouldn’t let us in. He said the pool was full and there was no room for us. I suggested he tell some people they had to go since we had scheduled pool time. The heat in ATL was not the type of heat that you stand outside and wait in. And like I mentioned before, my child was NOT digging the weather.

After a bit of back and forth he let the rest of us in and we proceeded to have the best time at that pool.

During our pool time ( which I have no pics of because well, it was a pool) We saw a boy with a house arrest bracelet chillin. A chick with a full on lace front trying not to get it wet. People who shouldn’t wear bikini’s with them on. And boys thinking my Deja was trying to flirt with them because she flashed some boob totally by accident.

We stayed in that pool a good 2 hours and then headed over to the rec center where our bball game was already in progress. Swag ( our old heads) ended up winning the pops was the score keeperAnd then we proceeded to just have fun in the gym

how cute are my parents!

mommy and auntie

mommy and uncles

my Handsome nephew Deion

my sisters

That’s Hannah our newest baby


That’s my fave uncle, don’t tell the others! lol

After the rec center we went back to Granny’s house where we just hung out like only we knew how!

Hi Granny!

It’s a Snagglepussafly!

We left granny’s late ( this was a reoccurring theme) and went back to my auntie’s house to this

my uncles out cold!

Jas wanted to “swim” some more and she needed a bath from the pool earlier so my auntie offered up her huge tub!

Jas got her hair washed and braided and off to bed we went. We knew out Saturday would be a long one. It would consist of family picture, food and entertainment providedΒ  by US! lol








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