Peace UP A-Town DOWN (reunion pt 1 Airport and to ATL))

Peace Up A-Town Down folks!

I thought I would start this off from the beginning and do it in a few parts as not to have a massive post. Breaking up is good sometimes!
The week leading up to our trip seemed to take forever. I had to work and Jas didn’t go to school. We would only be in cali 3 days before it was time to go so I didn’t see the point in sending her. Wednesday night I got jas pumped up telling her we were going on a plane. She remembers the plane and told me all about it, ” It goes up in da sky REALLY REAL high mommy!” Yes, yes it does baby girl.

We went to bed kind of early that night after our baths and hair combing. Honey didn’t stay the night that night but said he would be there bright and early so that he could take up to the airport by 11am.

At 6am and I felt my covers move. It was honey waking me up to tell me he was there.  He went back to sleep with me for a big until Jas woke up. She was excited to see him and excited in general about our trip.  She and I got dressed and went to get some airplane snacks.

I feel like I over packed it was for sure a lesson learned. Never travel with so much stuff to carry on,  Specially when you have a toddler. I had my HUGE suitcase full of mine and Jasmine’s things. I had her backpack, her carsetI had my purse and I had a carry on bag with the dvd players and books and what not. I also took her umbrella stroller and because its necessary!

The last couple of times we’ve traveled it was to see honey and he would walk us all the way into the airport up to the counter so I had help carrying everything. This time it was just us. Jas and I kissed honey and she asked him was he coming. It was pretty sad when he had to tell her he wasn’t.  My sisters and family were meeting us at the airport. By the time we got there, they were already at the gate chillin.

Question: Why does my childs carseat weight 2000 lbs? It’s hella heavy! Just ugh!

Anyway, We get to the gate and all the cousins are running around playing. I chill with my sisters and bro-inlaw until its time for us to broad the plan. We flew southwest so we got to choose are own seats and because we had kids we got to board the plane 1st! #winning

My nieces had all never flown and my nephews had been on a plane but they were too young to remember it.

Jas’s bestie, my 3yr old nephew Deion was flying with us. He and Jas had on matching gabba gabba t-shirts and were very excited to be traveling together.

Deion sat between his parents and Jas sat between my oldest sister Ty and myself. She wanted the window and I don’t care where i sit as long as I have a seat.

My 3 giggly, giddy nieces sat behind us, ages 7,5, and 4

and 3 nephews ages 11,10 and 7  sat on the other side of the asile from the girls. the flight attendants were nervous but tried not to let it show. They had never had a group of with so many kids and they told us so.

The plane starts to take off and the nieces start giggling and screaming like they were on a roller coaster. It was too funny. After we were in the air a few minutes, everyone calmed down.

jas looks a tad stalkerish in this picture doesnt’ she? lol

It took Jasmine all of 15 minutes to fall asleep. She slept a full 2 hrs. Deion on the other hand was wide awake. I pulled out Jas’s dvd player and let him watch her yo gabba gabba dvd until the battery died 2hrs later.

By then he was napping and Jas woke up. She wanted her movies but the player was dead. I tried to destract her with my laptop and my sis gave her a kindle fire. Neither worked very well because the airplane wifi sucks balls.

I pulled out my ipod and let her listen to her favorite song, Beyonce’s Love on Top. She played and sang it over and over and over. She also applied lip gloss and looked at herself in the mirror.


None of the bigger kids slept at all. The chatted, argued, colored and near landing started to yell, ” We’re going downnnn!” really loudly which Jas thought was a good idea to get in on smh. We told them to calm down and stop saying that, they did and all was right with the world.

We landed in atl safely 30mins early. The flight attendants came and complimented us and our kids on how quite, polite and well behaved they there. They said they were scared it was gonna be a heck of a plane right with all of them. My oldest nephew chimes in and tells her , “its because we know better!” which is the damn truth, they know how to act. Then he says, “if we didn’t she *points to my Ty* would beat the black off us!” o.O Nephew. . . REALLY!? can you NOT say that to this WHITE WOMAN on this plane! lawd!

So us 4 adults and 8 children make our way to baggage claim. We knew it was hot in ATL and if the heat in the airport was any indication of what we had in store for us, we were in for it. I check my phone and its 810pm and 100 degrees. I’m not with all that heat y’all. It’s not my thing. Never has been and never will be and my poor child can’t take it. That ATL heat made her cry every time we stepped outside while we were there.

So we made it to ATL. Stood outside waiting for Fam to come get us so we could head to Marietta. I picked up my rental car, a ford escape and I would like to own one. (My birthday is in Nov and I am taking donations 🙂 Jas, My cousin Raven and I got in the car and made our way to Granny’s house. . .

when we get there everyone is already there for the most part even tho it’s well past 10pm

Deja and Jas’s baby Makhi ( my cousin Raven’s son)

Jas loves stairs

We stay over Granny’s for awhile and then we head to my Auntie’s house where my oldest sister, Jas, Niece Amari and nephew Miles stayed while we were there. They have 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, enough space to go around.

The girls were tired By now it’s midnight. Amari doesn’t spend a lot of time away from her mom and little brother and sister so she had a bit of a breakdown and was ready to go home. Jas tried to make her feel better by rubbing her back and wiping her tears and telling her, “It’s only, your mommy gon call you soon okay!?” It was so supper sweet. Jas even told her that she would be her sister. And sister she was the whole trip.

Jas and Amari

and this is how our Thursday ended. I’ll be back with more post for the rest of the trip. Stay turned!


4 thoughts on “Peace UP A-Town DOWN (reunion pt 1 Airport and to ATL))

  1. LOL @ your oldest nephew! Flying with a toddler is no joke. Get a carseat travel bag from Babies R Us. It saved us from heavy lifting 2 car seats when we moved and it protects the car seat from the yucky cargo hold.

    • yea he’s a mess!

      Well i had to carry that carset to the counter and going home i had to carry it from the car rental drop off all the way to the counter along with a suitcase, a carry on bag, my purse, ja’s backpack, jas and a stroller! so that’s why it was too much lol

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