The one where we meet K Rock and the girls

On Sunday July 1st Jas and I were supposed to meet up with Kita, Poohkas mama and Krock. It didn’t quite work out that way. Poohkah, Jas and Kita’s kids all needed naps and then Poohkah’s mama had to go to work and Kita had to make dinner. KRock however was down for whatever ( hey! that rhymed!).

KRock and I decided we would meet at a McDonalds play palace that wasn’t too far from where i was staying.

I load Jas up in the car while she complains more about the heat and head to meet up. We get inside and I instantly recognize KRock. Unlike with Mimi, Krock and I had never really had any personal conversations but I still felt like I “knew” her from reading her blog and tweets.

I know she tries to preserve her “thug” but Krock is so nice and just lovely to have a conversation with. She’s also super cute! Her daughters are adorable and very friendly. Jojo is the sassy outgoing sister and Slinky is a little more reserved and laid back. Jas wasn’t having any parts of that play palace so she just laid on me while Krock and I chatted. I got only good vibes from Krock. Just like all my other meet ups before ( Teresha, Desire, Miss Mile High, Amberer and Mimi) I felt like she and I were old friends. That’s always a good thing when you meet someone. I never felt uncomfortable and again I wish we had more time.

Krock’s girls had no problem playing and making friends inside that palace lol. It was very cute to watch. Jas decided she wanted to go in but then got scared when the girls tried to take her inside. She’s never been inside an inclosed play ground so her fears were justified i suppose. lol.

Krock and I both had to make trips to the nasty ass restroom with the girls. I could have done without that part. I could have also done without Jas proclaiming while covering her nose, with someone in the stall that, ” Something smells nasty” smh. My child y’all.

We had been there quite some time before Jas decided she wanted to warm up ( i think it was the milk shake she tricked me into buying her). KRock and the girls were off to her parts house for the evening and Jas and I were gonna head back to my aunts house to do some more reuniting with the fam.

KRock’s sweet girls invited Jas and I over to the grandparents house. That made me feel special. They don’t know us from Eve but felt comfortable enough around us to want to keep the party going.

Before we left we had a girl who was nearby snap a picture of all of us. Image

It was an excellent meet up. I hope we get to hang again one of these days. Everyone is invited to cali! lol


20 thoughts on “The one where we meet K Rock and the girls

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  2. I must be the only one not meeting up! UGH! Reason #345 why I hate Louisiana and why I want to revisit Georgia. All the cool people and bloggers are there!

    Nevertheless, you all looked great and it looked like you guys had a great time!

  3. I’ve been blogging for years, but I’ve only met three of my fellow online bloggers, two at once. It’s interesting putting a face with all the online dialogue isn’t it?!?

  4. Two of my fave bloggers and as well as two of the more sensible women around the blogosphere.

    I see Jas tried to spoil the meetup for you by acting like a brat. Lol.

  5. K. Rock is a thug for real son! Lol! Looooved the write up. We had a great time meeting you guys. Jas is super cute and it was truly like we were old buds. But that’s what happens when cool people connect!

    • You musta left the thug at home because I didn’t see her at all lol. and I agree, when cool people meet its easy breezy!

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