The one where we meet Mimi and the girls!

my reunion posts are in the works, bare with me. . .

On friday June 29th Jas and I headed out to Ratchet Cumberland Mall in Atlanta to meet up with my Blog sister Mimi and her girls. I know Mimi from her blog and from out sidebar talks but I was really pumped about meeting her.

Jas and I got there 1st and my baby was hot and hungry. She did not like all that heat and humidity one bit.  Soon after we get in the mall I look around and see Mimi in her cute yellow dress pushing Addy in a stroller with her sweet little step-daughter Miss A close by.

We hugged like old friends and I greeted her girls and she greeted Jas. Addy is so stinking cute I could sit and nom on her chubby cheeks all day! Jas and Addy hugged like old friends too.

We got our food, found tables and chatted. They had a small table for the little ladies to sit. We got them settled and just chatted like we do this everyday lol.

The girls acted as if they couldn’t just sit and eat so they had to get up every couple of minutes to come over to where me, Mimi and Miss A sat smh. It took Addy and Jas a minute to get used to eachother but once they did it was on. They chased eachother around ,They giggled, they even had a fight or 2 lol.

They were so cute together we had to snap some pictures of them together.

And Mimi, the reason we didn’t take any pictures is because we suck lol. And once we got outside and I thought about it for a split second, Jas was dying of heat stroke. ” Mommy I cannnnt, I need my sunglassesssss, its too hotttttttt (insert crying here)”

I loved meeting them all. I wish we had more time. I know I’ve made a forever friend in Mimi and we will hang out again. Y’all come on out to cali where the weather is normal!

*sidenote* Mimi’s step-daughter is sweet and very polite and she thinks my baby is cute! She gets extra points. When Mimi stepped away she and I introduced ourselves and had a pleasant conversation. Everyone involved in her raising is doing an excellent job!*


15 thoughts on “The one where we meet Mimi and the girls!

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  2. Awww about us raising these kids well! We are coming to Cali next year. We already discussed it.

    I can.not believe we didn’t get a picture together. Seriously we are so lame!! When they get older we should make the girls be pen pals…old school as in pen and paper. I had one and I would get so excited to get letters in the mail.

    Love you!

    • Yay! Now I’m excited for next year.

      They can be pen pals. When my childhood bestie moved from cali to mn we wrote letters. I loved it.

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