hey guys!

hey y’all! I’m back and I had a wonderful vacation. I will post about my trip this week sometime. I wanted to do it last week but I didn’t have pics and y’all should know by now how much I love pics! lol.

The short version is I had a great time.

It was hella hot!

I got to meet 2 blog buddies for the 1st time ( K-Rock and Mimi)

I got to see my Nilla and her Boyfriend and I really like him

I hung out with my family for 5 days straight and I miss all of them like crazy

I was ready to come home because I missed my babe and my bed but I really could have stayed longer

I missed hanging out with Pookah’s mom and Kita because my uncle is an idiot ( sorry again ladies)

And now I’m back at work and Jas is back at school and im hating every second of it.

I’ll be back with a real vacation post with pics and all soon.

Bye y’all!


12 thoughts on “hey guys!

  1. K Rock is awesome. I bet it was good for the both of you to meet. Aww @ missed your baby. That’s whats up though.

    Hope you enjoyed your vacation. I definitely enjoyed attending Essence Festival over the weekend, although I messed around and arrived late and missed Keyshia Cole.

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