Georgia here we come!

I have so much to do before we head to Georgia. I haven’t packed a thing. I have to braid my sisters hair. I have to wash some clothes. its just all a bit much. I can’t wait until we get there and I am just able to relax and love up on my granny and all these new babies we have.

I hope Jas is good on the plane. The last couple of times we flew, she was an angle! I have all sorts of things to keep her attention on the plane but we are flying with 9 of her cousins.Yep, you read right, 10 kids all on one flight and that doesn’t include other kids that may be flying. I’m hoping they all take long naps! lol

One thing for sure, I’m gonna miss my honey, I wish he was coming with us. Next time though

I hope to get to meet some of you lovely ATL folks while I’m on y’alls side of town. If we don’t get to hang out you’ll be missing out on all the awesomeness that is Krissy! lol

I probably won’t be blogging until after our trip. If you follow me on twitter I’ll be there and I’ll for sure be posted up on instagram!

Catch y’all on the flipside!


16 thoughts on “Georgia here we come!

  1. Be safe of your trip, Krissy, and hopefully you won’t awake from your peaceful nap to find the children have taken over the flight. LOL!

  2. Ten kids on one flight?! Yikes! Enjoy! I love me some Atlanta but I don’t do well with that heat and humidity – pack some of our easy breezy Cali cool with you!!!

  3. I am jealous! I want to got to the blogger meetup in Atlanta! waaaaah!
    Seriously, have a rocking good time in the ATL. Say hi to Peachtree Street for me.

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