Friday Randomness

Happy Friday y’all! I hope you’ve had a great week and even better weekend.

My week has been hella busy. Here at work when a new month starts this is how it is. I actually enjoy being busy, keeps me out of trouble lol.

Since its friday and I haven’t blogged much all week, Im feeling random, so here it goes . . .

It’s not officially summer but it is summer as far as TV is concerned. One of my favorite summer series is back, So You Think You Can Dance!? I Love that show. It makes me wanna go on there and make a complete fool of myself with some impressive booty popping! lol I’m also watching Love in the Wild. I watched last season and really enjoyed it. I’m still waiting on Big Brother

I’m excited about my trip to ATL in a few weeks. I can’t wait to see my family, especially my granny. I wish she’d move back to cali.

I’m also excited to get to meet some of my ATL blogging buddies

Jas has started saying “umm” and smacking her lips when telling stories or when I ask her things lol, Jas how was your day today? ” Ummmmm*smacks lips*. . .it was good, ummmm*smacks lips* Kyla scratched me” smh. I’ve told her the lip smacking is not cute and kinda ghetto. Her response, ” I not ghetto mommy!” lol

Jas was trying to tell me something the other day and I didn’t quite understand what she was saying. To me it sounded like “fees fops”. I told her i didn’t understand so she kept repeating it. By the 4th or 5th time of her saying and me saying i didn’t understand, she looks at me, puts her hand on my shoulder and says, ” Mommy, im gonna say it one more time okay, FEES FOPS.” It took everything in me not to die laughing right then and there. I took a second to think and then a light bulb went off. ” Ohhhh you’re Flip Flops!” I said. she goes, “yeaaa!” lol We’ll get it together one day.

My honey working down here has been lovely most of the time. It’s only not great all of the time because he works a lot. We’ve only been able to see him maybe once a week. That’s still better than a couple days every 2 or so months so I’m not complaining.

I’m still low key looking for a new job. I got my review and a raise this week, a whopping 0.46. Yep, you read that right. After having a wage freeze for over a year, when we are finally able to get raises again, I get 0.46. I’m not with the BS. I’m ready to work somewhere else where they don’t play these type games.

I use instagram more than I send tweets on twitter. that’s one bandwagon I’m glad I hopped on lol

That’s it for me folks, Y’all have a great weekend!


16 thoughts on “Friday Randomness

  1. Those forty-six cents will add it over the period of 10 years. Lol. Nah I’m kidding, sometimes you have to do what you have to do…

    Hilarious @ Jas smacking her lips. I’m sure your daughter absolutely brightens your day.

  2. Jas is not playing, LOL! She kills me. I’m sending the job fairy to sprinkle some job search dust on you. hang in there!

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