My style ( a hair how to of sorts)

So I’m forever talking about this bantu knot-out that has become my staple style so I thought I’d show you guys how I achieve my look lol.

I wash my hair once a month with shampoo. I’ve been using the Shea Moisture brand although I still love my Herbal Essence Hello Hydration. I’ll probably switch back once I use all the Shea moisture up.

So on washed hair I slather in some conditioner and finger comb it through. Then i use my paddle brush to get out any tangles. After that I bantu knot and wear it like that over night. The next morning I undo the knots, separate, then fluff. I brush my edges back and put on a headband and go about my day.

Nevermind the face, I was hella tired if you can’t tell lol

After my initial wash and knot I do the same process on dry hair. Here’s what I doThis is how it looks after wearing it all day. Very fluffy and curly.

I take some hair lotion or hair milk ( whichever I have handy at the time) about the size of a half dollarI rub it through my hair to get it moisturized nice and evenlyThen i separate my hair into 5 sections. 2 large ones in the back and 3 in the frontI stretch out the curls with my fingers while making sure the oil has saturated my hair enough, then I Bantu knotI tie my hair down with a silk scarf and call it a night. I do this process every night. In the morning I take it all down

And this is how it ends up( most days)

It kind of fluffs and settles as the day goes on. I used to achieve this look with washed hair and rods( a wet set) but once I figured out that my hair could look EXACTLY the same without all that I nixed the rods for the knots.

And this my friends is my everyday style unless I feel like straightening and its vary are that I feel like doing that. The best part is, I can have the “illusion” of short hair without actually having to get it cutIt’s a nifty little trick isn’t it. 🙂


4 thoughts on “My style ( a hair how to of sorts)

  1. Three things in Life I’ve learned not to interrupt and always compliment a woman upon: her skin, her shoes and her hair. Lol.

    Your hair looks nice, Krissy.

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