He’s missing out but who cares!

Last week my sister ran into Sperm Donor at an open mic type event. She was caught off guard seeing him as we haven’t laid eyes on this dude since march of 2009.  She said she wanted to go punch him in his face. I know God hasn’t put SD and I in the same space for a reason. He knows I would cause a scene. I’d only cause as scene because I want this dude to feel as stupid as he is. The best revenge you can get on an Ex is to flaunt your happiness in their face. I can say that I am 100% happier in my personal and romantic life than he will EVER be and that brings me great joy.  See, this is me feeling wonderful and it radiates doesn’t it?

Her seeing him just further proves to me that he is going about his everyday life without a single care in the world. Its gonna come back and bite him soon enough. He can’t run all his life but he doesn’t have me to worry about running from me because I sure as hell ain’t chasing him.

On another note, my honey being so close has been great. I love seeing him and Jas together. They are super goofy. I find myself watching them together and often times shaking away misty eyes. What he is for my child is all I ever wanted for her. I’d get a glare if I said anything less than he’s her daddy. He doesn’t not like me calling him her “best replacement”, so don’t tell him i even typed it. lol.

He and I had a long talk the other week and I thanked him for being for her what some loser doesn’t realize he’s missing out on. He told me not to thank him, that he feels grateful that he gets to be her daddy and get to be in both of our lives. Of course, this made me a tad teary. I truly love that man and he loves us just as much. I see it on his face every time hes around us or the way he picks Jas up and smiles when he looks at her face. Or the way he hugs me like its the 1st time, every time. Or how he always tells me , ” I miss you all the time, sometimes even when I’m with you.” *sigh* I really do have a good one y’ll.

Jas woke up out of dead sleep last night when he walked into the bedroom just cheesing like the cheesire cat and says, ” My daddy!”. He and I both cracked up laughing at her but he got her out of her bed and put her in the bed with him and talked and cuddled with her for a little while.

It’s things like this that make my heart smile and know for certain that we are right where we need to be. Being angry at some douche for not stepping up gets me nowhere so I don’t plan to be that chick. I truly believe we are better off and my honey thinks so too.


22 thoughts on “He’s missing out but who cares!

  1. 1. Later for the sperm donor. 2. Shout out to your BF! It takes a real man to love another man’s child. I love that he has accepted her as his own, and Jas will appreciate it when she is an adult. I speak from experience. You got a good one Booskie! Now lock him up and the basement and never let him go!

    • Lexy you know I’m not sweating sperm donor on the least! I love my honey so very much. He has been the best father to Jas and I know God intended for us to come together this way.

  2. That’s whats up! @ “What he is for my child is all I ever wanted for her.”

    Smiley faced Krissy. You sound like a woman in love, getting ready to walk to the altar and make that jump over the broom.


  3. I truly believe that parents aren’t born, they are grown, may they be from the blood or from the heart. It sounds like Jas and her Dad found each other, and that doesn’t happen to everybody. I am just very happy to hear that you and your daughter sound happy, and that you appreciate what you have with this man.

    On another note, you do look quite radiant! And we won’t pay any more mind to the what’s-his-face! Your and your daughter’s happiness is all that matters. And EVERYBODY gets what they deserve in the end.

    Sending much love!!

    • He claimed her as his before she was even born and he has lived up to that. He treats her no different than the 2 he helped create. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

      And thank you! I feel radiant!

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