The one where we visit Disneyland!

My bestie ( more like a sister) turned 31 last saturday. For her Birthday she decided she wanted to go to Disneyland and she wanted to take Jas. I’m not one for amusement parks but there is no way I was letting Jas go to Disneyland for the 1st time without me. I also thought of it as a test run. I wanted to take her for her 3rd birthday in October ( you coming Lexy?)

Anyway, Thursday night I sat Jas down and combed her hair. I prepped her all week telling her we were going to see Mickey and nem on friday.On friday morning Jas and I get up and get dressed and head to my place of employment. I planned to work a few hours and then go pick up my sister for our day out.

When we get to work my coworkers are so excited to see her. One of them even brought her this hat to play with. She was so excited about this hat.

Decked out in her favorite Minnie mouse shirt

dont act like ya’ll didnt notice her posing in this hat! lol

After a few hours at work, we headed off to pick up my sister. Jas slept the drive over and woke up just in time for us to get some lunch before we hit the road. After lunch we made our way to Anaheim, Ca where Disneyland is located.

We pull up to pay for parking and the guy in the window hands me a button for JasmineIt was so sweet and she insisted on putting it on right away.

We got all our things out of the car and pulled out the stroller. Jas was excited. She pointed out the characters in the parking garage. “Look mommy its Donold!” ( thats how she says it)

We ride the tram to the park and Jas doesn’t know what to expect.

When we get inside she’s even more excited. Everywhere she looks she sees characters she knows and she points them out to me and Auntie.

Before we get good into the park we stop into the restroom. While Jas is potty trained, we didn’t think it would be a good idea to let her wear her panties all day with all that excited. I brought a pull up for her to wear. She literally fought my sister for taking off her undies and putting on that pull up. She cried and yelled and kicked her feet. I mean, she lost the fight but she was not trying to have any parts of that pull up.

She got bribed with a Minnie Mouse balloon and all was right with the world again.

We walked over to Wonderland and she saw Minnie mouse walking around and yelled for her, ” Minnie! I right here! Minnieee!!” It was super cute. However, she didn’t really want the characters anywhere near her. As long as they weren’t close she was all good with them lol.

We made out way to Toon Town and she went to play inside the different characters houses. We went into Mickey Mouses house and she was a little scared. It wasn’t very bright in there and I could see how she would get a little creeped out. We get to the back on the house and there is a movie screen playing old Disney cartoons. Jas LOVES those. She cracked up laughing on certain parts and in the background we could hear Donald and Goofy playing around.

She said, ” Mommy, that sounds like Donold, you hear that!? It sounds like Goopy! I hear Goopy!”

A few moments later we were in a line waiting to take pictures with Mickey Mouse. She was so excited when she saw him. She yelled his name while he was taking pictures with other kids. Once it was almost our turn my sister asks her if she’s ready to take a picture with him. Ya’ll, her entire expression changed, she was not with that plan. She was SCARED!We got up next to Mickey ready for our picture. Jas wasn’t feeling that at all.

It was a memory so we still took a picture with him. I love Mickey Mouse

check out Jas side-eyeing Mickey

After the picture I told Mickey that Jas was scared of him. He gave her a wave and she waved back. Then he blew her a kiss and she blew him one back. She wasn’t so scared of the costumed characters after that.

right after blowing him a kiss. I was slow with my camera smh

After that we walk around a little more and then decide to ride the train. It takes us around the entire park with stops along the way. Jas really enjoyed that. She even had a snack and entertained the people sitting around us with her silliness.After our train ride we decided it was time for some real rides. We went and got on Small World. I wasn’t sure if Jas was going to like this one but she LOVED it. She even walks around singing the song now. I really enjoyed it too. It has been some years since I had been to disneyland and they have completely revamped this ride. Wanna see it? here ya go!

fakest smile ever! lol

After that we got back on the train and headed to New Orleans. They did such a great job with turning this park of the park into the NO! I loved it. I almost felt like I was there. We ate french quarter food and enjoyed being in the bayou.

We went and saw a few more sites  and then noticed the parade was coming. Jas LOVED the parade. She got to see all of her favorite characters again and made sure we saw them too by yelling their names and pointing and and asking us did we see it.After the parade we tried to find souvenirs.Jas was very adamant about wanting a “goopy” hat. Everything I showed her that wasn’t Goofy she turned her nose up at. I ended up buying her a Minnie mouse hat and myself these cute purple Minnie mouse ears.if you cant tell by my face, by this time I was burnt out. We had been at the park for about 7hrs.

We went in one last shop before we left and Jas fell in love with a “Goopy baby” as she calls it. We had to get it for her. We even got her name put on it. She sleeps with him every night. I think it was well worth the money.

We weren’t the the car but a few mins when we look back and see Jas like this. . .It was fun filled and we had a great time. She wants to go back again she says. I told her we are going to go for her birthday and she is okay with that.

Anyone who asks her about Disneyland gets the entire run down. She told her daddy the next morning all about it in great detail. I’m so glad she had fun and we did too! We’re all excite for October!


13 thoughts on “The one where we visit Disneyland!

  1. We were JUST talking yesterday about taking our little man to Disneyland! He’s been to Downtown Disney a few times but we haven’t gone to the park. It’s on the list of “to-do’s” after the baby comes. Sounds like you guys had a great time!

  2. Two things I’d expected to read about the trip to Disney from the moment I began reading:

    1) Your daughter would become afraid of the enormous-sized Disney figures
    2) On the way home, she’d be fast asleep

    Cause I’ve witnessed them both, firsthand, myself once during a trip to Disney. Lol.

    Awesome pics. Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves.

    • yea she wasn’t feeling them up close but she loves them on tv lol. She really hung tough during the day. I was surprised we didn’t have many meltdowns lol.

  3. This was lovely. I am sure she had an amazing time. Most kids are fine with those characters, but if they get too close, you better watch out! The side eye was hilarious. Fun times.

  4. What a great day! Look how far away from Mickey Jas is keeping herself. She’s almost out of the picture, LOL! Marlie is the same way. She loves those characters from afar. I always wondered is they had the It’s a Small World ride at Disneyland!

  5. Good to read this! We are going to FL in July and plan to visit DisneyWorld (1 day only). I’m always curious to see if the little ones will have fun. I need to start introducing some Disney cartoons to him. He knows Mickey and crew from his diapers but we mainly watch Nick Jr so no shows.

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