The one where Jasmine is officially( we hope) potty trained!

She’s done it y’all! She’s officially out of diapers and refusing pull-ups proclaiming she’s a big girl and only wears “princess panties”.

This is big deal for us. I tried potty training after she turned a year old. We were not successful. I attribute that to her not being ready when I was. I decided to leave her alone and let her be the baby she was. I didn’t press the issue with her.

She started showing signs that she was ready when she turned 2. I went out and for her THIS potty. It makes a magic wand noise and plays trumpet noises when she makes a “deposit”. It annoys the hell out of me but it motivates her to go.She always comes out yelling, ” I DID IT!”

Getting her to go poop in the potty was the easy part. She’d go often but there was still no pressure. Then there came poop gate 2012! Remember when I told y’all she took a big dog shit in her bed? Yea, after that I was done potty training. I said she’s not ready and now I’M not ready either! So left it alone for a few weeks. We had switched to pull ups and she knows they go on and off like panties. She would start to go to the potty all on her own. She’d ask me to turn on the bathroom light and she’d go to her business. She was proud of herself and I was proud of her.

I told the daycare that they should start offering her the potty, no pressure, just ask her if she has to go. If she says no, then that’s fine but if it isn’t offered there, she won’t go. They took my lead and started to offer her the potty. She was resistant at 1st because her twin friends still wear diapers, suck bobo’s and drink bottles and they are only a month younger than she is. I guess she figured if they weren’t going’ then she didn’t have to either.

After a week or so daycare told me I should send her to school in panties and send an extra pair or 2 and a change of clothes just in case she had an accident. I thought that was great and so did Jasmine. She LOVES wearing panties. They make her feel like a big girl. They also gave me another tip that I found works very well, send her to school in a dress or a skirt. It’s easier for her to get to the potty since she only has to left it up.

She had a few accidents. Was proud to tell me she pee’d on the floor at daycare (smh) and that it was an “assident”.

In the month that we’ve been actively on this potty thing she’s gotten 2 spanking. Let me explain why. One morning after she was all dressed and had been offered the potty a number of times, she went and sat in her bed and pee’d and then came to tell me her bed was wet.

The second time was this weekend when instead of going to the potty like she knows how, she went and stood in my moms kitchen and pee’d on the floor and walked away from it like nothing. When my mom asked later why the floor was wet, Jas proudly proclaimed, “I pee’d on it!”

So yea, she’s gotten 2 spankings for peeing on purpose, not accidents. Now she’s gone a number of days in a row with no accidents at all and she wakes up completely dry in the morning.

In fact, this morning at 5am, she woke up from a dead sleep to wake me up because she had to pee. I was dog tired but that’s a huge thing. The urge to pee wakes her and she acts on it. Now that’s a big girl for you.

Now she’s taking to telling her twin friends that they need to use the potty and that diapers are for babies. Their mom says Jas has been a great influence on them from talking to walking and now using the potty.

She has also refused anything that resembles a diaper. She said, “pull ups are for babies! I can only wear my princess panties cuz im a big girl!”

16 thoughts on “The one where Jasmine is officially( we hope) potty trained!

  1. Yaaaaaaay Jaz! That is awesome! Esp. the part about her waking up to pee. She is definitely a big girl now. And i know you are relieved….for a moment. I wanted those diapers back when I started having to take little girls to the bathroom while we were out. Ughh. I just hate it.

    • She really has been doing great. Those small accidents here and there break her all the way down but beside that she’s a potty master!

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