Weekend Wrap-up with pics

I hope you all had an excellent weekend. Mine was pretty darn good.


I had a boring ass day at work. I couldn’t wait to get out of here. I went and picked up Jas and cleaned that she has NO accidents and still had on the undies she went to school in! #winning. I praised my baby and made her feel extra special. I took her to my besties to spend the night because I had to get up extra early Saturday and braid hair.

My honey came into town friday night and spent the night with me. We had grown up fun and didn’t go to bed until 2am. I needed to be up at 6 for hair braiding *d’oh!*


I wake up to the gate buzzing because my one and only braid client is here for her individuals. Y’all i was a hot mess getting up but I had to do it. I braided her hair and it took me 7hrs! My sister and my honey provided us some comic relief cracking jokes on each other. I’m sure my client thought they were crazy as hell( and they are) but it was a good time and helped some time pass.

After i was done with her hair, I received a massage from my love ( he’s awesome!) and took a soak. After all that I got dressed and we went to get Jas. She was so excited to see her daddy and he was equally excited to see her.

We went and got lunch and dropped Daddy off to get his hair cut. We went to my parents house to see Deja. My baby(deja) went on a trip all by herself to Florida and although I usually only see her on weekends, i missed her so much.

After we hang out for a little while, Deja, Jas and I go pick my honey up from the barber shop. He looks human again! We hang out with him a little bit before dropping him off at his mom’s house. He stayed the night there so he could see his daughter and give her the Easter dress Jas picked out for her. It was really cute. My Jas has awesome taste! lol


It’s Easter and Jas and I wake up early to head to church. My mom bought Jas an Easter outfit and it was the cutest thing. A pink and white flower dress that came with a pinkΒ  jacket. We had a photo shoot before we headed to church.We go to service and it’s really nice. The only downfall to church is Jas misses her morning nap. Y’all she HAS to take this nap or she turns into a jerk. She became that jerk shortly into the service. She was mean to everyone and it was so not cute considering she looked to pretty.

We go to my parents house so they can see her in her dress. She wouldn’t even let my mom take a decent picture of her. Kept saying, ” I don’t want to take no pictures!” and she didn’t!

Shortly after my sister comes over with all her babies and the kids got to play together. Jas continued to be slightly jerky while her cousins were there. She kept taking toys from there and what not but they all had a good time anyway.

see, jerky! My sister was trying to take her pic

it's my Deja!

Hey' its me!

Later on, we went to go see my honey before he drove back up north for work.

Let me tell y’all, he and Jas had their 1st fight! I got told to stay out of it, which i did and he handled her tail! I was very impressed. She was daddies girl the rest of the time we spent there after that.

Him leaving was very sad for Jas. She really thought she was going with him and when she figured out she wasn’t, she cried REALLY hard and kept asking for him. I had him come to the car and talk to her. She was alright after that. She told me when we drove off, “Daddy said he be back, he gotta go to work, he love me.” I said you believe him right? She said she did and all was right with the world! lol

That was my weekend, how was yours?


10 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-up with pics

  1. All the little kids are clean as a whistle on Easter Sunday. Love the atmosphere on Easter Sunday.

    I’m tripping cause your daughter got into her first fight. Too funny. isn’t it something how little girls always run to daddy when they know they’ve done wrong?

  2. Sounds like you all had a good weekend! Nothing like some adult fun. And yay to Jas for not having any accidents!!

  3. yay for excellent weekends! I bet you are feeling the burn tiday, but it was worth it. I love Jas’s outfit.

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