Love and Marriage

I went to a wedding this weekend. My best friends brother got married to a woman he has been dating more on than off since 2004. I love her! I think she’s perfect for him. He’s always loved her too but for whatever reason he would still act like a single man when she wasn’t around. They broke up a few times because of this.

He proposed to her in 2006 and they were “engaged” for awhile. He did something stupid and she took the ring off, put it back in it’s box and that was that. Then they got back together.

She saw something in him that she felt was worth fighting for. When they weren’t “together” they would still hang out. Above all else, they have been best friends.

The night before the wedding I was on the phone with him. I asked him was he done being a hoochie. He said, ” I had to put all of that aside because I can’t live the rest of my life without her.” And I knew he was serious.

The look on his face before the wedding was pure happiness. I had never seen him like that before. It was truly great to see.

He walked in that church and I saw his eyes get watery. He was nervous but he was ready.

She walked in and I saw a few tears fall from his eyes. She was beautiful and she was going to be all his forever. During the ceremony I saw them mouth back and forth to each other ” I Love You”. I felt the love between them.

They did a sand ceremony symbolizing the end of their lives and individuals being combined into one whole that can ever be separated.

They kissed, they jumped the broom and I cried! It was beautiful to see.

Now. . . I want to get married! lol. Not like this is news, but to see someone like “my brother” get married. Someone I NEVER thought would settle down. Someone who had moments where he was unfaithful. Someone who I constantly called a hoochie, got married! I can tell he’s taking this very serious. I can tell he meant those vows. I can tell he was happy with his choice to make this woman his wife. I can tell he want to spend forever with her. I want all of those things for myself. I know they’re coming for me in the near future and I’m ready for them. This wedding just made me want it NOW!

I’m a patient gal though so I don’t mind waiting. 🙂


17 thoughts on “Love and Marriage

  1. Beautiful story. It’s amazing when two people find something in one another that makes them want to commit to forever. I’m glad your “brother” realized the treasure he has.

    Best wishes to you on your journey to marriage.

  2. Beautiful story. Sometimes it takes a bit for people to realize what they have. What a blessing that he recognized what a good woman he had and it’s a blessing that she saw something in him that was worth giving him forever.

    Best wishes on your journey to marriage.

  3. Love can be so beautiful! I almost always cry at weddings. I think what is even beautiful about this story is that they went through it…breakups, etc…and still knew they were meant for each other. It shows how much she loves him to continued to forgive him and want him forever.

    • That’s what I think is most real about it too. Their relationship hasn’t been easy. They always seemed to find their way back to eachother tho.

  4. Aww, I love weddings! Marriage can be challenging,but it is so rewarding to make a life with the one you love.

  5. It will happen! Like Teresha said there is a difference between a wedding and a marriage and people so often confuse the two. There is so much involved especially in our “situations” ;-). We can chat about that in private because those things do affect the health of your marriage and when it happens you want the blending to be as seamless as possible. So in the meantime build your relationship so its strong and solid.

    Just make sure you save me an invitation when the time comes. I’m in Cali like YayyeeeeeeYayyeeeee!! cripwalking,and catdaddying!!!!!

    • Lmao! The cripwalking and catdaddying! I cant with you.

      We are buidling such a strong foundation I think when we do marry it will just continue. At least that’s my hope.

  6. I love LOVE and weddings are just the ultimate expressions of love. I’m happy to hear you talk about wanting to be married and not wanting a wedding. There’s a difference. One is a party and the other is a lifelong commitment. marriage is coming for you, I know it!

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