The one where we see The Lorax

I took Jasmine on a date yesterday to see The Lorax. I made sure it was an afternoon showing so that she could have her nap before we went.

I got her all dressed and made sure she knew where we were going.  We get to the movie theater and order some snacks. Jas wanted every since box of candy at the concession stand. It wasn’t going down that way tho. We settled on nachos and a drink and headed to our theater.

We get inside and Jas makes sure she tells me, ” Mommy is real dark!” I know baby, its real dark.

We find some seats where we have a good view. What I didn’t factor in about movie theater seats is that you need to have a little weight to you for the seat not to fold all up on you and 25lbs doesn’t cut it.


Needless to say I hard to keep one had on her seat the entire time so the chair wouldn’t eat her.

We shared nachos while we watched the previews. She laughed loud and giggled at the trailer for Ice age 4. She loved the trailer for Despicable Me 2 that comes out next year. Some other trailer about a boy who see’s ghosts had her interested but she told me, ” Dat one scare me!”. I guess we won’t be going to see that one.

After each preview was over Jas said loudly, ” IT WENT OFFF MOMMIE, IT WENT OFF!” people were giggling at her. I must admit it was rather cute.

The movie starts and Jas and I are super excited. Its nice and colorful and Jas’s eyes are all big as she makes a full blown mess with nacho cheese.

Every so often during the movie Jas was lean over and tell me something about the movie which i thought was too cute. She was really watching and really into it all.

“Mommy, you see dat!?”

“Look at that dog! Its cute!” (it was really a bear)

“That’s a fish mommy! It’s orange!”

“You see that mommy * fits of laughter* dat was funny”

“Oh no mommy!!!! He dropped the seed!”

“Dat man got the seed!”

“Da Lowracks  is back!”

We clapped when it was over. I even got a little misty at the end. She said she really liked it and I really liked it too. I’m already for it to come out on DVD so I can buy it.

It was a great movie. It makes you wanna go recycle and become a tree hugger. If you have small children ( 2 and up) they’d love it. If you have small children( under 2) and they might fall asleep during the movie, take them and go see it for yourself. It’s a really good message and a really well done movie.

16 thoughts on “The one where we see The Lorax

  1. How precious! I can imagine her saying and doing all those cute things. It’s so fun to take LOs on these types of outings and see how wide-eyed they get! They do mommy and me movies near us and I’m going for the first time with Nia to see Hunger Games in a couple weeks. They dim the sound, lower the volume and let the moms and kids have full run of the theater. Looking forward to it!

    • My child rare sits through a movie with ACTUAL people in it. She needs lots of colors to keep her interested unless there are talking animals lol

  2. This whole post made me smile so much! I enjoy when you write Jas response to shows, movies and events. I like Danny Devito as an actor so I figured the Lorax would be good.

  3. Awww! I Love that you and Jas went on a date! It really seemed like she enjoyed the movie, and I’m certain she will remember this time with you. I can remember very clearly the movies my mom took me to see when I was little. I loved those moments!

  4. A.dor.a.ble!!! LOL at it’s smashing me!!! I can’t wait until Baby Boo is old enough for us to take her to see movies and shows. Elmo is coming to town over the summer and I want to go, but she’s still too young.

    • I bought Jas a dvd of a movie she had never seen (robots) and she watched it front start to finish chatting inbetween about it like she did at the theater so I knew she’d be alright

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