The one where we meet Nilla!

1st let me tell you the story behind the nickname I have given her. One night I had a dream and Miss Mile High was in it. In the dream I wasn’t calling her by her name, I was calling her Vanilla but  by the end of the dream it was shortened to Nilla. Ever since I’ve been calling her Nilla and so had Jasmine lol.

Anyways, On to it. . .

MissMileHigh travels for business but she choose to come to cali to work specially for me! ( don’t let her tell you any different! lol). She arrived last Sunday and Jas and I drove to her hotel to hang out with her. We were gonna do dinner however, my sister cooked for us so I just brought her a plate.

MMH and I hugged as soon as she opened the door and I instantly felt comfortable with her. Jas played hard to get for awhile though. Auntie Nilla brought her the cutest shirt and some books. Jas was most excited about the books. I think Nilla was very impressed by that. I think she was impressed with Jas in general. I offered to send Jas with her as a carry-on lol.

Nilla and I sat and chatted for a good while. It was so comfortable and just felt like old friends, not like a 1st meeting at all. Neither of us took pictures that day so we really needed a do over.

We stayed a few hours and then it was past Jas’s and Nilla’s bedtimes so it was time to go home. Nilla hugged me AGAIN before we left and Jas continued to play hard to get lol

We decided that we would try to go to dinner later on in the week.

Last night we planned for dinner. I suggested El Cholo’s Mexican Restaurant and that is were we headed.

Jas and I got there 1st. While we waited Jas had a mini photo shoot.

Nilla arrived and we hugged ( its up to 3 now folks lol) and I told her were gonna hug all night!

We got to the table and chatted while Jasmine was the dip queen with the salsa. And yes, she is a double dipper but thats okay lol.

Nilla ordered some cheese dip with swine that was “just okay” according to her. I took her word for it because I don’t partake in the swine-tivities but Jas does! lol

After awhile, Jas asked could she go sit next to Auntie Nilla and shortly after the photo shoot with these 2 began

I can’t even tell you how funny the 2 of them are together. I dubbed them Besties! Ask MMH about Jasmine’s posing. I try and tell y’all that she’s too much and Nilla got to see it for herself 1st hand. lol!

Nilla even brought us cupcakes.Not the ones she bakes, we’ll have to try those this summer when we’re in ATL. I wanted the strawberry one but Jas insisted on eating it so I gave in.

When the bill came the bring some kind of pecan cookies. Nilla and Jas “shared” them. More like Nilla had one or 2 and Jas took all of the rest and said they were hers. Nilla kept acting like she was gonna eat the one Jas had in her hand and Jas kept telling her “Don’t!” with a silly smile on her face. She finally shared one with her Auntie Nilla. Besties I tell ya! lol

It was time to go so we had a hostess take our picture.

Don't mind Jas, she was being a butt lol

aint we cute!

We had such a great time with Auntie Nilla! I’m excited to hang out with her again this summer. We’re gonna miss her.

20 thoughts on “The one where we meet Nilla!

  1. How special. Yeah MMH has that welcoming spirit. You can’t help but hug her, LOL.

    I’m glad you had a great time and Jas is adorable!

  2. Yay! This reminds me of how I felt the first time I met Cam from Bibs & Baubles! Sassy J was doing her thizz-anng, for real! And yes, I just said thizz-anng. LOL We need to meet in person soon!

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