It’s monday and I’m feeling random

Everyone is pregnant! or at least it seems that way. I’m so happy for y’all! I promise I am. I’m no longer bitter. That feeling has passed 🙂

My baby girl has been going to the potty all on her own all weekend. I’m proud of her and she is proud of herself.

I met my favorite white person yesterday MissMileHigh or Nilla as I call her. She pretty much exactly how I thought she would be except she gave me not one but TWO nice hugs. I’m sure they were special just for me though. Don’t let her tell you any different. Meeting her was like seeing an old friend. Now I wish she lived closer so we could hang out all the time. 😦

Jas played hard to get with Nilla. She likes her though. I think Nilla won Jas over with those books she brought her. Jas loves to read.

My honey will be in town this week. He’s coming on Thursday and I’m more excited than usual to see him. After all we went through last month it’ll be nice to be just be in his company.

My blog sister Christina sent me the nicest package with all sorts of goodies in it. For someone to have never met me in person, she knows me very well.

I sent my other blog sister Mimi a package with all sorts of goodies for her baby girl. I hope they like them.

I’m a gift giver. I don’t know if y’all have noticed that about me yet lol

I’m still on the hunt for a new job in 2012. The grind doesn’t stop!

I’m getting excited for my family reunion in June in ATL. I’m already trying to decide what I want to do for the talent portion. All I know is, I’m gon sang something! lol

It was my HS besties bday on the 23rd. My big sisters Birthday yesterday. It’s my oldest Godson’s bday today. My niece Deja’s on the 5th of march as well as my future MIL that same day. My oldest sister on the 17th and my other sister on the 20th. Let Pieces season begin! lol

thats all I got random. How y’all doin?


19 thoughts on “It’s monday and I’m feeling random

  1. Hey, I was just talking to my BFF about hitting ATL in June or July. Email me your dates and I’ll see if they might work out for LittleTDJ and I. I knew MMH would be cool as sh*t. =)

  2. You already know I am uber appreciative for the box. Now tell Jas when she gets here to have a potty pep talk with her homegirl. Potty training is not going well over here. Maybe its too early still.

    I love you!

  3. I hope you and Nilla took some pictures. I wanna see proof. I love blogger meetups!

    You are coming to ATL? Yeah!!!!! I hope it wont be the one weekend I am outta town. We just HAVE to hook up…and take pictures!

    Gifts are always nice (hint, hint) j/k!

    • Nope Nilla and I were wack and didn’t take a single pic. I didn’t even think about it until I left. We’re gonna try to get together again tho.

      ATL is at the end of june

      No gifts for you! Lol

  4. Hi-five, Sassy J on the potty tip! That’s exciting. I’m sure you have to be excited after that “between the sheets” drama. LOL

    I bet your trip to the ATL will be so fun!!! Take lots of pics and tell all of our blogger buddies I said: “Wessssssssssiiiiiidddddeee!” 😀

    Have you read the book “The Five Love Languages”? It looks like Gifts is your primary love language. A woman after my own heart!

    • Yea I was proud of her for sure. I’m still not pressing the issue tho.

      Lol@westsideeeee love it!

      My love language is affirmation I think it was or something like that.

  5. When you come to Atlanta, we have to have some type of meet and greet! Make sure you reunion plans leave some time to meet Blogger/Tweeters!

    I am glad you are feeling better and I think everyone is pregnant too…its weird.

    • Yea I’m trying to work that out so I can meet my ATL peeps.

      Lol its so weird! But I’m happy for everyone expecting. A few weeks ago, not so much lol

  6. You call her Nilla? You are a nut!! Pisces in the house Woop! woop! Go Jas!! Glad you’re happy and umm… ma’am! you gon head on and enjoy him LOL!

    • I sholl do! Lol Yay for jas too! Yea y’all pieces are doing too much all back to back like this lol I sholl will enjoy him 🙂 I really do feel better too.

  7. You are coming to Atl welcome in advance. I am glad you are doing better and your boo is coming home. Yay for the potty training I love giving if I have I give no questions asked.

    • Lol thanks for the welcome. This will be my second visit. Potty training is great! I’m glad I’m better and he’s coming If I’m out and I see something I know someone would like I usually pick it up for them. That’s just how I am

    • Yep all on her own too. That’s the best part. I didnt wanna force her Yep atl for a couple of days Bitterness has passed for sure lol Oh yea, I’m gonna enjoy the hell out of him. . Wait. . .ugh. . . Yea

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