Wordless Wednesday: what to do with this hair



*I clipped her ends about 3 weeks ago and her hair has grown back and then some!*


14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: what to do with this hair

  1. YAAAAAAASSSSS love that mane! I’m not sure about kid-specific products, but you might want to try the Shea Moisture line. I have been using it and it is GLORIOUS. Love the conditioner for de-tangling. A tiny bit of the curl smoothie butter (I forget the official name lol) will keep the curls in place and the jar lasts FOREVER.

  2. I find myself asking the same thing about Moo’s hair. It’s so curly and thick. I feel bad keeping it braided up all the time but since her night cap always manages to come off at night I can’t really let is stay loose. I’ve been researching some hair products that might help us be able to wear it down more often because she likes it that way.

  3. Oh wow! I have no advice but imagine that x3 – that was my mom’s experience and I’m crying over here just with 1 that has about 1/10th that amount of hair. I’m sure she’ll have fun with it when she’s older and can experiment on her own!

  4. it’s gorgeous with so many styling options, but I don’t envy you. the maintenance would drive me into a mental ward. I’ll just live vicariously through you and Jas 🙂

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