The one where we celebrate Christmas

I know this post is late but I have been very busy at work. This post is VERY picture heavy Btw.

We had a great Christmas! My child is THEE BEST person to give gifts to. She LOVES everything and makes sure you know it. We woke up around 8am on Christmas morning. My niece Deja spent the night with us *Hi Deja!*. Jas was in a good mood so I thought it was be a good time to let her open the gifts she had at home. I didn’t get her much because she has plenty of toys as it is.

1st I let her open a pair of Minnie Mouse slippers on friend got her. She was VERY excited about these slippers! *these are taken with my cell phone so please excuse the quality*Then she opened a pair of Yo Gabba Gabba undies After that she opened her V-Tech blackberry as I like to call it lol

After Jasmine had opened all of her gifts, she insisted on taking off her Pj’s so she could wear her slippers and new undies smh. Of course I let her.

here she is in her slippers and one 1 but 2 pair of Yo Gabba Gabba undies

After she was done with gifts we headed over to my parents house for our annual Christmas breakfast. I always look forward to this because my dad can throw down on some breakfast! Everyone came over for the 10:15 call time ( except my honey due to his daughters mom antics Christmas morning 😦 ). My dad is also an excellent prayer. He said his prayer and like every year since we’ve been having this breakfast I shed a few tears. After his prayer, we all lined up like a chow line and filled out plates with some grub.

After breakfast we opened the gifts at my parents house. My folks got me some new fancy cookware. My old cookware was cheap and starting to fall apart so this was much needed. I also got some Bath and Bodyworks. Loves it!

Jasmine got her Cheshire cat pianoshe also got her Minnie Mouse chair! I wish I would have recorded her reaction. It was priceless. She screamed, jumped up and down, yelled, it was awesome!Then my mom handed her a bag full of clothes! This little chicky was in heaven!

After all that excitement, We got dressed( sadly I don’t have any pictures of how cute I looked)

Notice the pretty bow her blog Auntie Christina sent her for her bday. She'll fight you about her bows! lol

Someone gave my child a tube of chapstick and she is addicted! She applies it every 5 seconds. It’s in her hand in all of these pictures. Can you see it? lol

My sister was able to get her entire gang together and pose for a few family pics. I love them!

If no one else is ready, Deja always is! lol

Soon after Deja, Jasmine, My bestie and I all headed to my bestie’s parents house in the Valley for Christmas dinner. Her mom does huge Christmas stockings with goodies in them. She also got Jasmine a Disney Fairies sleeping bag. She LOVED it.

After a few hours there we headed back to my parents house. I hugged and kissed my parents and thanked them for a great Christmas. Jas and I headed home and enjoyed each others company and talked to Daddy on the phone who was finally hanging out with his children together ( I’m sure I’ve mentioned that he has a son as well as a daughter right? lets pretend I have if I haven’t lol)

That was our Christmas. Aside from a few kinks it was great. Christmas is truly one of my favorite holidays. I truly hope Jasmine never loses her enthusiasm about gifts she receives. She makes the giver feel extremely special.


8 thoughts on “The one where we celebrate Christmas

  1. Wait you changed your page I was like did I click something wrong lol. I am coming for that chair soon as I get over my fear of plane rides. I am glad you all had a great Christmas

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