This and that (randoms)

Honey has been in town since Friday. Yesterday we had a bit of a misunderstanding (Thanks buddy for being an ear and shoulder , you’re my favorite!) but we worked through it and all is right with the world again.

Speaking of honey, he has been plotting on my uterus since he’s been in town. I told y’all to pray for me but I think y’all haven’t been. lol * lord be a shield around my precious fallopian tubes* AMEN!

Jas and daddy have been having a good ol time since he’s been in town. I love their relationship so much. I’m glad she has someone like him in her life. She’s been clinging to him like a shadow and its gonna be really sad when he has to go. .  again

Jas and daddy playing with her Toys

Daddy reading to Jas

We were suppose to spend Christmas morning together at my parents house for our traditional Christmas breakfast. Honey ended up not being about to make it because his daughters mom played her trump card like she does every time he comes into town and had him running around trying to see his daughter. When will the madness end with this broad? ugh!

Christmas was beautiful as usual. I love, love, LOVE spending time with my family. I love seeing everyone together. It makes my heart smile.

Honey’s mom called me last night to vent about what went down on christmas with her granddaughters mom. She said she is gonna cuss the chick out 1st chance she gets. All I could say was, I’m glad y’all love me! lol

My future mother and sister in law got me a gift card for some grub and they also bought Jas a beautiful dress! She loved it and kept holding it up to herself and saying how pretty it was. she even posed for a few pics with. I really love that my child is so into her own fashion at such a young age.

Jas’s play area turned out perfect!  She loves it, although she loves the way I rearranged the living room even better because she prefers to play on my couches! lol

New play area

I have to do a christmas post. Jas is awesome because she LOVES everything and it shows in her excitement while opening gifts. She makes people feel so special lol

I think I’m gonna have to really consider moving to another state. I mean I don’t wanna think about it right now but the possibility is real and I am going to have to make a choice sooner than later it seems.



16 thoughts on “This and that (randoms)

  1. I’ll be praying for your uterus!!!!!
    And I love the pictures. I love seeing Dad’s and daughters together. Sigh. *just felt a twinge in my uterus that I stomped out*

  2. Those pics are to die for! So sweet to see fathers and daughters spend time together. I’m glad you had a great Christmas, despite all of the “specialities” that went on (that’s my code word for drama. LOL!).

  3. LOL! Praying over your womanly parts since you’re my homegirl.
    Sorry to hear about the BMD.
    We’d welcome you on the east coast. LittleTDJ and Jas would be great buddies!

  4. love the play area! I hope you and honey are reunited soon. Is that why you are considering moving? Oh, the things we do for love!

  5. Awwww I love it. Oohhh the drama I am so glad I have escaped that can’t imagine what you all have to go through. I will be praying for the new baby to arrive oh sorry for your fallopian tubes. lol

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