The one where were wean off the BoBo(Paci)

Hi my name is Krissy! *waves*

And this is my Beautiful little girl Jasmine

They're even more lovely when they're sleep right!? lol

ok, ok here’s a better view

When I became a mother I had all these things on a list of stuff I’d do and wouldn’t do. One of those things was not to let my child have a paci past a certain age. I planned to have her off of it by her 1st birthday. That time came and went and the paci or “BoBo” as she calls it stuck around.

Jasmine’s relationship with “Bobo” began the day she was born. The nurses at the hospital gave her the beloved Bobo and she’s been hooked ever since

Here she is at 3 days old. Her and Bobo were already attached

As the weeks passed her desire for the Bobo for comfort only grew

The day she turned one month old

She used the one from the hospital so much that I had to search online to find the brand they used. The Gumdrop that wasn’t sold in stores at the time. I ordered her 2 spare Bobo’s and life was good. That is, until she started to talk! I must say one of my biggest pet peeves is children who can talk but still suck paci’s. It’s not just talking, it’s talking with them in their mouths. My child was known for doing this and it worked my nerves!

Jasmine would have that Bobo clipped to her clothes until she went to bed at night up until she was 15 months old. After that, I decided she didn’t NEED it all the time and only would give it to her when she was fussy.

Then the day came when she bit a hole in the nipple. I debated at that point having her go cold turkey but my sanity couldn’t take it. I restricted her usage to nap and bedtime only. She was no longer allowed to walk around with it and she was also told NOT to chew on it.

This had been working pretty well until she would lose it in her bed and wake me at God forsaken hours to find the damn Bobo. This didn’t go on long. I learned how to ignore her waking me until she could do without it unless she found it herself in her bed.

I was perfectly fine letting her sleep with it until last Monday when I took her to the Doctor. Dr. Emeil is her new Doctor so we went for a check up. He said she was perfect. Then he asked did she use a paci.

Dr: She’s still using a paci?

Me: Yes but only for sleeping

Dr: You should have gotten her off of that thing months ago

Me: I know but, I need my sleep and sanity, she’s like a fiend for that paci

Dr: And you’re like the paci pusher because you continue to supply it even thought she does not need it

That conversation hit home for me. I WAS the Bobo pusher. If I would have tossed them when she started biting holes in them, she would have already been over it. But EYE couldn’t take her crying and whining for it so EYE gave in EVERY.TIME. I felt bad. .  a little. When we left there I had resolved that Monday December 12th would be the last day a Bobo would be in our house.

I prepped Jasmine on the way home from Daycare telling her that Bobo was going in the trash when we got home. That she was a big girl and she didn’t need it anymore. We argued all the way home about it being thrown away. Her saying:

Jas: No Bobo in the trash!

Me: Yes baby it’s going the trash

Jas: No it not!

Me: I don’t care what you say, it’s going in the trash!

Jas: No, No BOBO IN DA TRASH!!!!

Me: You’ll see!

As soon as we got home she made her way up the stairs and straight to her bed to grab her Bobo. I told her to hand it over! She did so with tears and I went and tossed it. I poured something gross on top so I wouldn’t be tempted to get it out.

She went to bed that night with no issues. She asked for Bobo once before she went to bed and I thought it was a success! That is, until 1230am when she woke me up. She was whining so I let her get in my bed. I knew she needed some comfort since that’s what Bobo was for her. She cuddled up next to me . . . and decided it was time for a conversation.

Jas: Mommy. .

Me: Yes. . .

Jas: Mommy, Bobo in the trash?

Me: Yes baby, it’s in the trash

Jas: Oh. . .

Then she went on to ask me some other random things to which I told her, ” Child, it’s bedtime, not talk time. Go to sleep”

She did and I was happy. Then she woke me up at 145am to talk to me again. I was over it! I told her to take her tail to sleep! She whined a little but eventually rolled over and went to sleep.

She woke me up AGAIN at 245am to talk some more. I told her I was tired and was going back to sleep. I turned my back to her. She whined a little more but she eventually went back to sleep.

My sister comes and stays at my house sometimes. She has a key so I don’t ever hear her come in. That night(morning?) I roll over and Jas isn’t laying next to me anymore. She’s not in her own bed and I see lights flickering from the living room. I get up and go in there to find what you might ask?

I found Jasmine laying on the couch next to my sister eating a piece of sandwich cheese like its lunch time and light outside. It was 430am and she’s cheesing up at me like the Cheesier cat eating a square of cheese! She says, ” Hi mommy! I got cheese!” To which I promptly responded, “I don’t care what y’all do, I’m going back to bed”

Back to bed I went. I hear Jas come back in a while later. I look up and its 5am and she’s climbing back into my bed. To do you what? You guessed it, talk to me! I told her I was tired, I wasn’t in the mood to talk and was going back to bed. I told her she could either be quiet and go to sleep or she could get back in her own bed. Her response, ” I go get in my own bed!” with all the 5am tude she could muster. I didn’t care one bit.

She tried twice to go back and bother my sister but I heard her trying to creep out and told her to get her tail back in her bed. She finally stopped playing at 515am and went to sleep for real.

That was just night one!

The rest of the week went much better. She’s only asked about Bobo 3 times and we only had to discuss it once.

Me: I put Bobo in the trash because you’re a big girl, you don’t need it anymore. Big girls don’t use Bobo’s. Do you understand?

Jas: No! I not understand!

Me: Well you should try to understand

Jas: No! I not wanna understand!

Me: Oh well, I guess you’ll get over it.

Jas: I not get over it!

Me: ok *shrug*

And that was the last time we discussed it. I assume she got over herself and understood!

It’s been 9 days and I can say Mission No BoBo has been a success. I can say that if anyone out there is thinking of weaning, it’s not so bad. That 1st night was hell but the rest of the days have been progressively easier with her asking for the Bobo less and less. She still wants to snuggle up with her blankie and I am completely alright with that.

17 thoughts on “The one where were wean off the BoBo(Paci)

  1. The fact that you said she “got over herself” is hilarious and already convinces me that your daughter is a little grown woman. Lol.

    The pic of her at one month old is precious – looks like a baby doll.

  2. What a cute story. And a great success! Good job mommy. We often think kids will take stuff harder than they actually do. My daughter sucks her thumb and I actually would prefer she was hooked on a paci so I could take it away. But that thumb boils my blood! Glad to hear your story turned out good.

    Side note: There may be a real future in paci pushing. You may want to look into that.

    • Why thank you! I thought the freakout would be worse and it might have been a few months ago but right now she’s ready and I’m happy about that.

      I hope you can get that thumb in check soon

      I WILL NOT be a paci pusher! Will not ma’am! lol

  3. Not Bobo lol. My daughter did not take the paci so no problems with her but my son loved it and it worked miracles especially when we were out in public.I chucked my sons paci also with a bribe of cookies every night for a week.

    • I’m glad JAs had the paci because she has always been very independent. She never wanted me to rock her to sleep or anything like that. The Paci and the blankie helped sooth her to sleep since she’s been here. I’m just glad its done now lol.

  4. Y’all know y’all are just too ca-uute! What a delightful story…complete with pics! Y’all convos about Bobo almost took me out! HI-larry-ous!! Glad her weaning was successful.

  5. Love that pic of you! Very pretty!

    I can’t believe its already been nine days! You stayed strong, lol! I’m proud of you, and happy for you. Now if I can just find the patience to do it with Izzy!

    • Thank you sis!!! *flips hair* lol

      and thanks again. I’m proud of myself too lol. Just know when you decide to do it, it won’t be so bad 🙂

  6. I literally laughed out loud at the doctor calling you a Paci Pusher! Bwahahahaha! Good for you for taking a stand against the Bobo! I remember my younger sister was addicted to her pacifier, and it happen to be of the kind that was so difficult to find. At one point, she lost it and we couldn’t find a replacement, so that’s how she was weened off the pacifier. Tough love is sometimes necessary!

    • Sista don’t laugh at me so hard! lol

      It sucked I had to go through so much trouble to get those paci’s. She never liked any other brand and I tried! They sell them in the stores now. Next time we go for pull ups and suck i’ll make sure we don’t go down that aisle lol

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