This and that so random

Christmas is in 9 days! How crazy is that! It came way too quickly.

I haven’t gotten Jas any real gifts. I don’t want her to have more toys but I have to go get her a few things to open on Christmas morning.

My mom ordered Jas this chair and I think she is going to love it! She loves her some Minnie mouse and the chair is just her “petite” size lol

Jas had a check up on Monday. She has a new Doctor and office she goes to. He checked her all out and she’s “perfect” he said. He also said I should do away with the paci all together because she’s too big and smart for it. I agree. I told him she was like an addict when it came to that paci. He told me, ” And you’re like her pusher because you keep letting her have it.” I hung my head in shame and when I got home I threw her remaining night time paci away. It’s been. . .difficult to say the least. A post on that is to come lol

My honey should be in town next week. I’m excited to get to spend time with him. We haven’t seen each other since July and I was starting to feel a little lonely.

I didn’t get a Christmas tree. I wanted to get a fake one but they look raggedy up close. And the ones that look really nice aren’t cheap. I’m still debating on a real one but now I figure, what’s the point, Christmas is in 9 days.

Jasmine is obsessed with Christmas lights! When I pick her up from daycare she points out all the lights to me. ” Mommy look! You see the lights!” and when we pass houses that don’t have lights she tells me, ” Mommy, i need to see the lights!” I tell her she needs to find some. So she searches until she spots some and then yells out, ” They right there mommy! See! Right there! over there!” lol. It’s the cutest thing!

I’m excited for my dad’s Christmas breakfast! It’s the best part of Christmas morning for me lol

My secret Santa sent me the new Mary J cd and I really like it and I haven’t been a fan in a while. It kinda sounds like the old Mary I liked

I pre-ordered my Anthony Hamilton CD and that came in the mail last week. I love it. I particularly love track #5 called “Best of Me” Listen to it y’all. I promise you’ll love that track too. It’s so sweet!

I won the office Christmas raffle. I scored a huge basket full-o-stuff! My co-workers kept coming over to my desk commenting how it wasn’t fair because I won last year. Then they’d check out what was in the basket. I know they were hoping I would share it with them but I had no intention of doing that. I gave that basket to my parents and they LOVE all the goodies inside.

You know how you chat with people on say like twitter or comment on their blogs and you think you have a sense of who they are? Well you’ll never know people until you chat with them one of one. . . * looks at Christina* lol I must say, I loved this chick already but I REALLY love her now. We go together and stuff! lol

My buddy had a family member pass. I’ve been praying for them for weeks. I will continue to keep him and his family in my prayers and thoughts.

That’s whats random with me. How y’all doin?


16 thoughts on “This and that so random

  1. I can’t tell you the last time I had a Christmas tree. Lights and a wreath appear more of myself, at this point in time. Lol.

    I copped the new MJB album and it’s definitely built on the old Mary J.

    I need to find out who has that latest Anthony Hamilton CD, and borrow and burn on the laptop.

    • Jas is so into the lights and she knows what christmas trees are now so its getting to the point where I’m gonna have to suck it up and get one. Next year for sure

      I really like MJB cd until we get to the very end. Then I turn it off lol

      I’d let you borrow my AH cd! lol

  2. I love that chair! She is going to flip out!
    You really scored this year with your secret Santa and the raffle prize. buy me a lotto ticket too, LOL!

    • She’s gonna be so pumped! I really cant wait for her to see it

      And you better believe I played the CA lotto the day I won the raffle lol. I didn’t win but I felt lucky lol

  3. I haven’t gotten Pookah anything either! I headed out today to find him SOMETHING from us!
    I love that chair by the way.
    I hope you get to see your honey soon. Don’t hurt him!! LOL

    And isn’t it funny how twitter and iffy friends turn out to be WONDERFUL when you finally meet them?!

    • I’m gonna go find her something probably tomorrow. My mom suggested clothes and I think that’s what I’ll do. I think I have the only 2yr old in the world who really enjoys cloths! lol

      The chair is awesome. It has already arrived. She just hasn’t seen it yet

      Honey should be here friday evening lord willing and I plan to hurt him, in a good way tho lol

      We got a table top christmas tree. she’s happy with it. next year we’ll get the real thing

      I love making new friends. It’s awesome

  4. That chair is adorable! Please take a picture of her reaction when she sees it on Christmas! I love kids reactions to great gifts! LOL!

    Congrats on winning the raffle! I love to win!!! Really, really love it!! I’m mean everybody likes winning but my level of joy and glee about winning! LOL! Wait… so your coworkers were hating because you won last year? They’re mad and then they have the nerve to want some of the gift? Hahahahaha! I’m glad you gave it to your parents!

    I have a couple of questions but I guess I’ll keep them to myself…for now.

    • I’ll be sure to have my camera handy christmas morning for sure! lol

      Thank you, thank you! Yep, my coworkers were hella salty but oh well

  5. I’m so mad at that chair I can’t even think straight. Seriously? they can’t make it in my size? Fucking bastards.

    Also in love with Jas and her love of xmas lights. I feel the same way when I see them, but nobody’s in the car to hear me say “Look Mommy! They’re right there!”

  6. What an adorable chair! I’ve been thinking of getting Nia a little chair since she climbs the dining room chairs all the time. . . Congrats on winning the holiday basket! That’s awesome you gave it to your parents.

    • I know! I wish it was in my size. I’d sit in it all day! Lol

      She’s doing awesome thanks!

      I’m so excited I could dance jig! Lol

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