Dear Secret Santa

I was shocked Saturday afternoon to receive you package! That was the quickest turn around ever and made me feel like a slacker lol. I haven’t even gone to get the things I want to send to the person who I choose.

I opened the big box, which contained another box. The entire time Jasmine kept asking, “mommy what’s that!?” To which I responded (several times) I don’t know baby, Santa sent it to me.

The 1st thing I see is a envelope with my name on it. I open it and a nice card is inside.

Santa wrote me a personal message inside. I learned that she’s read my blog and can tell that my Jasmine is the light of my life! She would be right about that one.

In the box there were a few things. 1st she included a gift for Jas. A pair of Elmo slippers. Little did Santa know that I was going to try and find her some slippers so these were right on time. Jasmine Thank you Santa πŸ™‚

There were also a pair of comfy slippers for me! I’m excited about these because I really did need some new ones. Santa is so thoughtful!

Santa also included the new Mary J. Blige cd! I’ve heard a few songs on the radio that I really like from this album and now I own the whole thing thanks to Santa! You know good music! lol

Thank you Santa for all of the gifts. I hope whoever chose you is as thoughtful as you have been.

I figured out who my Santa was as soon as a read the card. She signed her name on the inside! lol So thank you Nylse for all of the gifts and I hope you have a wonderful holiday with you family.


9 thoughts on “Dear Secret Santa

  1. i’m so glad you liked it! when i was at the post office, i realized that my name was on the card – the box was already sealed so….it was my first time participating and it was alot of fun doing this…my children always liked those slippers so I figured Jasmine would also.

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