Christmas in Blogland

So I signed up for Pserendipity’s Christmas in Blogland. I watched last year from the sidelines and thought it was pretty cool. I figure whoever gets me may have a hard time figuring out what types of things I like. I notice I don’t talk about that stuff here at all which would have whomever the lucky person is fishing in the dark. So I’ve decided I’d make a list of things I like. now this is not to say the person who choose from this list because they have have their own ideas, but this might just help. So here it goes.

Things that make me happy list:

Candles! I LOVE candles and have a kabillion of them. I don’t NEED more candles but I never turn them down when someone gives them to me as a gift lol

Slippers! I LOVE slippers. I don’t like socks much but I love a fuzzy pair of slippers any day.

Ornaments! I LOVE them. They are so pretty and are keepsakes. I’m also thinking about getting a tree for us this year so I’ll be on the look out for some pretty ornaments for the tree.

Nail polish! I LOVE nail polish. I do my nailsΒ  at least once a week. Right now my nails are a hot chipped mess but that’s neither here nor there lol.

Lip Gloss! I LOVE lipgloss! I can’t get enough of it. In my purse currently I have at least 5 tubes of it in different shades. Sadly, Jas is addicted to lipgloss as well. Her’s is just chapstick though so I guess that’s not so bad lol.

Scarves! I love Scarves. I think they are so cute however, I live in cali and my NEED for scarves is minimal lol. That doesn’t mean I love them any less.

I thought this list would be hard but it was rather easy! I could keep going and going but I think I’ll stop here. πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “Christmas in Blogland

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  2. Nice list! But what I’m laughing at is your
    Candles…I love candles
    Slippers…I love slippers
    Lipgloss….I love lipgloss

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