I hope mine is just like her

You all know I have a bunch of nieces(5) and nephews(6) and even 2 great nieces and one great nephew and saying Great makes me feel hella old by the way. My oldest niece Ash was born when I was 5 years old. Needless to say she grew up  more like my little sister than my niece.

Deja, she was 9

My next niece Deja was born when I was in high school. By the time she was born I felt like an auntie. She was my little baby and grew up very close with me. Right now she’s 13 and our relationship just continues to grow.

yes that's the dougie! lol

She tells me often that I am her best friend. She even gave me a friendship bracelet that I wear every day. She feels comfortable enough with me to talk to me about EVERYTHING and I mean everything. I am very honest with her when she asks me questions about anything( although my mouth dropped to the floor when she asked me about “popping cherries”) and I make sure she knows I’m not judging and that conversations we have are between us. Our relationship is like no other.

Deja makes excellent grades in school. She never gets in any trouble. She chooses wisely when it comes to friends and she doesn’t discriminate in that aspect either( one of her best friends is openly lesbian and that is more than alright with her) . She’s Beautiful, funny, polite, respectful and just an all around awesome girl. I couldn’t have asked for a better niece. I truly hope  my relationship with Jasmine grows and develops into one just like mine with Deja.

Let me not forget to mention how close Deja and Jasmine are. They are thick as thieves and I really feel like they aren’t just cousins but more like siblings. I hope their relationship never changes.

Jas was almost a month old

P.S Deja said I don’t write about her enough on my blog and there weren’t enough pictures of her so, I told her I would dedicate an entire post just to her. I hope she’s satisfied! lol

I Love You Deja Renee!

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