TuTu cute. . .

So my friend bought Jasmine a Tutu from target. Tutu’s are not my thing but she said, “every little girl should have one!”. Whateva! lol

While getting Jas dressed this morning she saw this Tutu sitting in her closet so I let her put it on. Once I was done doing her hair, the posing began!

*disclaimer* All of these poses were deliberate and she held them all until the camera flashed. Smh*

Check ya girl out!

I told Mimi that she needs to be Jasmine’s agents but she won’t do it. lol


16 thoughts on “TuTu cute. . .

  1. She’s adorable! And yes every girl MUST have a tutu at some point in their lives. I resist the urge to buy one every time I see one. lolololol.

    • Lol@ a couple or 3. I’ll let mine wear hers when she requests it. I’m not opposed but I would have never bought one myself lol

  2. Dunno bout you..but those look like fight poses. She’ll dance her way into your heart then beat you silly for your twinkies. I know the games bullies play. She’s looks cute, sweet & innocent..but she’s hiding a bebe gun under that tutu….”gimme your candy”

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