HappyBirthday to my baby girl (picture heavy)

My little girl turned 2 on Sunday (oct 30th). I can’t believe shes 2 already. Time had truly flown by. Lucky for me, I haven’t missed a thing. I guess I don’t blink! lol

On Saturday the 29th Jasmine has a party with her cousins and and a few friends. The 29th was also my dad’s bday! Happy birthday Pops!

I ordered a jumper for the kids to play in. I had it scheduled to be delivered between 12pm/1. The man with the jumper rang the doorbell at EIGHT.FREAKIN.AYE.EMM! Like seriously what are you doing here do damn early dude? So we dropped the jumper off. My bestie had to rush over with the money to pay him. I didn’t expect him to be there so early so I hadn’t gone to the bank yet.

In the mist of all of this, My sister dropped off her kids because my nephew had a football game. Her older kids saw the jumper and decided they weren’t going with her but staying to play in the jumper. I couldn’t tell them no so I let them stay. Y’all, this is 7 kids we’re talking here. I had 3 toddlers, a 3yr old, a 5 yr old and a 7yr old and their big sister who is 13 all at the same time. Not to mention Jasmine. She kept leaving the room with the kids and looking very stressed out. I asked her, “What’s wrong baby? too many kids in there?” Her response, ” Yeah mommy, too many kids in dere!”. Needless to stay I was frazzled all morning. I just didn’t know how to handle all those kids at once. When my bestie showed up we wrangled the twins who are 18months old. Got them in the tub and put them both to sleep for nap. My other nephew who is also 2 put himself to sleep by rocking back and forth #winning! That left the bestie with the bigger kids and Jasmine who was past due for her morning nap as well. I had to leave her with the kid so I could go pick up the chicken Jasmine loves and her cupcakes.

When I got back Bestie had put my 3yre old niece and jasmine down for naps and she went and made Jas’s favorite, Spaghetti!

Soon after my sister comes back and I hugged her for a long time. I told her she was awesome because I didn’t know how she dealt with so many kids ALL.THE.TIME! It made me realize I really only want one more if any lol.

After naps were had by all the kids, we let them outside to run free and play in the jumper and with all the other toys that my parents have in the backyard for them. It was a very nice day and it went off without a hitch. No ghetto extra uninvited kids like last year. Just fun!

Jasmine told me she had fun and that she was happy and that’s all I could have asked for. She gave me a nice hug around the neck and puckered up her little lips for a smooch.

me and my baby girl

Jas with mty bestie. Her auntie Juanita

Jas with my other Bestie. Her God Daddy


her fav!

cousin love!

happy girl

silly girl got herself a minnie mouse for her birthday and was proud!

Yesterday on her actual birthday she woke up in a very good mood again. She got many phone calls and thanks everyone who called and wished her a happy birthday.

We went to another birthday party for her and another girl who is turning 15 tomorrow. She had fun playing with the big kids and even more fun munching on her vanilla cupcake cake!

Jas and the big girls

my girl was serious about that cake!

We had a great weekend overall and she’s having another birthday celebration today at daycare. I’m hoping she doesn’t think her birthday is everyday now lol

I love my girl more than words can express. I am so grateful that I was chosen to be her mother.

I leave you with the video I promised of Jasmine singing, “How olddd are you! 2! check her out hitting high notes and what not! lol


18 thoughts on “HappyBirthday to my baby girl (picture heavy)

  1. I dont know what it is about jumpers. Kids luv ’em I tell ya. I love the pic of you an Jas. So sweet. And all the pics too! Looks like a great party. Happy birthday to your mini boo.

  2. I’m jealous she had a jumper.. I want one for my birthday! She is beautiful Krissy…and ur right she grew up fast cuz it feels like yesterday i read ur post about being pregnant! makes me wanna have one!…..or maybe not! lol

    • lol don’t be jealous! Get you a jumper! lol Just make sure you order a large one because a small one. . . with adults in it. . . yea. . . lol

      Thank you Dana dane! And I promise it doesn’t feel like its been 2yrs yet. I’m trying not to blink. I don’t want to miss a thing!

    • she really did have a great time.

      I sent the rest of those cupcakes home with her cousins! lol

      I thought the video wasn’t working because no one mentioned it.

  3. Awww..kiss my baby for me. Tell her its from her auntie in ATL!! She looks like she had a ball. My second favorite of the post is the leopard print top Jas’ homegirl was wearing!

  4. I second Teresha. Great pic! She loves her mommy.

    Jasmine’s got her hair “loose!” Wearing my hair loose was a big deal when I was young. It made me feel grown.

    • Aww thanks girly! I was gonna put it in two ponies but her party was already starting. I took her bantu knots out and just let it fly free lol

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