I wrote this entire blog post and it didn’t post and its disappeared into cyberspace! Just UGH!

I’ll have to do that post again next week. It’ll be better anyway because I’ll have pics of Jasmine’s birthday. Can yall believe my child will be 2yrs old in 4 days! I know I can’t. She’s excited about a party, I don’t think she realizes it’s hers yet.

Have yall ever noticed or been a part of online cliques? I’ve seen them up close and personal and I really wonder what kind of lives these people DONT have to be online and clique’in it.

When I started this blog, I would randomly visit the blog of other people and I would see the same people commenting. I’d toss a comment in here and there and whatever I said would be ignored or even worse someone would respond with some smart shit to say. I was like, “oh, ok, they’re a cliq, I get it.” but I would still be left wondering. . “where they do that at?” It also makes me wonder if these people are just “popular” online and have no friends outside in the real world so they soak up the attention.

I just feel like I’m too old and too grown to act that way toward anyone. It’s never that serious lol. Blogging, tweeting, Facebooking mean different things for different people. To me its a means to express myself candidly. A place where I could care less what anyone personally things about me because these are my thoughts and my feelings. It has also become a way to meet and connect with people who are a lot of times like minded and you’d never meet otherwise. I’ve met some really awesome people throught social media and look to meet more in the future.

I guess the point of all this is, be your damn self! I mean. I guess you don’t have to really. these people dont know you IRL so you can truly be whomever you’d like to be. I just thinking being yourself is so much easier.

20 thoughts on “ugh!

  1. I’ve noticed it and made a mental note to not visit that particular blog again. Blogging is supposed to be this outlet.. this networking tool that is beneficial for meeting and befriending new people. Instead, like you mentioned,it’s used to form cliques and “circles.” They can miss me with all that. I’m not dying to belong. *flips hair*

  2. I’m so glad you wrote this post! Ima be me regardless and yeah I’m finding that people be trippin. It’s so funny tho. I choose to overlook the shade and keep it moving. I did have a mini twitter rant awhile back cause I think that #OOMF ish is stupid. Just say what you have to say to that person. We keeps it REAL in the Bay. But when you talk like that then you’re accused of being “gangsta” Girl whatever! Maybe I am a gangsta in my real life! A fly azz bougie gangsta LOL! The nets are supposed to be fun so I try to keep it light but MAN!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s been a few times I’ve wanted to type F.Y.B. to a few folks lol But my good christian self is trying to maintain. Thanks for this post. Please excuse my rant! =)

  3. I’ve never really felt like there were blogging cliques – but definitely blogging circles. Seems like everyone I read reads everyone I read. Hope that made sense.

    I do think there are a lot of internet g’s out there – and I try to avoid them at all costs!

    Most of the folks I’ve encountered via blogging are pretty awesome people (or seem to be). Of course, I’ve been accused of not being the most aware person in the world…

    • Lol@ internet “G’s” I have come across some of those as well. I say those of you who have never come across the blog cliqs should be happy they’ve never experienced that lol.

      I’ve met some great people and hope to continue to do so.

  4. Yes it definitely exists. When I first started I was shocked. I felt like everytime I left a comment and didn’t get a response they were saying “Ew who is this new chick.” Well excuuuuuuse me.

  5. Yuuuup. I’ve stopped commenting on many blogs because of this…and stopped reading others. Funny thing is these people hide behind their screens and dish out biting words, but as soon as someone checks them they melt down. Karma is a bitch (and these women are, too). Life is filled with enough obstacles without women trying to tear each other down online. I’m not interested.

  6. Puh-leaze! Later for the bullsh*t! I run across little pockets of that nonsense from time to time. I usually laugh and keep it moving. Like you said, if your REAL life is that pathetic, then I truly feel sorry ’em. Foolish selves!

  7. Girl….I’m not even gonna blog in your comment section about this, lmbo! When I run into that, I just stop commenting. Or hell, just stop reading! no pageviews from me, lol!

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