Its Monday and I’m feeling random

I wanna thank all of you who chimed in on my post on LDR. I needed suggestions and you guys gave em. In the end, I just waited a few days and talked to him open and honestly about how I felt. He’s very understanding already so I knew he’d understand. He’s done so much better with keeping in contact and I really do appreciate that. I told him to show me rather than tell me and he surely has.

Jasmines birthday is on the 30th. I can’t believe my little munchkin is turning 2. Its amazing to me how time has flown and how big she’s gotten. I’ve been looking at old videos and pictures of her lately. I miss her being small but I’m happy she’s such a big girl.

My dads birthday is on the 29th and that is also my parents anniversary. I told my mom the other day that when I think of awesome relationships, I think of theirs. They are best friends and still make time to have dates. I love seeing them together and I know life together for then can only continue to get better.

I wish all of my blogging buddies lives closer. You guys all live in ATL or AL or NY. No one lives in cali. I think every last one of you should move this way!

I want a new job. I’ve love to work somewhere I can get out of the office everyday. Sitting behind a desk for 8hrs can’t continue to be my life.

My best friend and I are planning a trip to Jamaica next year. Neither of us have never been and we’ve been wanting to go. Last year we started to plan a trip but I could imagine being away for jasmine for more than a weekend. And who the hell goes on a vacation like that for just a weekend? I’m thinking 4 days, maybe 5( but 5 is pushing it) .

Jasmine singing happy birthday is the cutest thing ever. I’m gonna have to try and record her doing it so you guys can see. Also her counting makes me giggle. Its not consecutive but she knows those numbers. And she also knows the colors purple and pink when she sees them. Such a smart girl

Let me show y’all this video of jas that cracks me up! Saturday morning my bestie call and I gave jas the phone. They talked for a bit and I guess jas couldn’t hair anything from the other end anymore which resulted in this video “Hellwoah” is what I like to call it! Lmao

That’s all the randoms I have for now


7 thoughts on “Its Monday and I’m feeling random

  1. I dont know why but for the longest time, I thought you lived in ATL. I’m not sure where I got that from. I know GP is over there in Cali somewhere.

    And boy do I feel you about having to get out of the office. This can’t be life son!! I cant do this anymore!!

  2. You will LOVE LOVE Jamaica!!!! I’ve been twice and I am plotting a linger stay maybe next year!
    It’s funny how time flies Pookah will be 2 next month, and like you said, I miss my little baby! But he is sooo funny as a toddler!

  3. I’ve been debating my feelings of wanting (needing) a new job..I’ve came to the conclusion that I must become my own boss…No more working for someone else and my talents being overlooked… BTW–cute babygirl!

    • Once I figure out what i’d wanna do, I could be my own boss. Lol right now, I don’t really know. In the meantime I could be on the lookout for a more interesting daytime gig.

      And thank you 🙂

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