Baby hair : protective styles

Hey guys! I spent all of september doing that music challenge which was very fun. Brought back lots of memories for me.

I’ve been a very busy girl the past month. One of the things I’ve done is work on Jasmines hair. That child was blessed with a head full of long curly hair. She has also been nice enough o.O to let the older girls at daycare play in her hair. That annoys me to no end because she is NOT a doll. Because of this and after talking to Christina over at Being Mrs. Jones I decided I would start braiding jasmines hair regularly. Doing this will save me times in the mornings. It will also protect her hair. Those 2 things are the best benefits and the only ones I need to motivate me to do this every other week lol. This week I braided her hair into a mohawk type style. I washed and conditioned and then oiled with hair lotion. I started in the back and worked my hair to the top. I braided to a certain point, added an elastic band then twisted the rest of the hair down. Here are a few pictures.




She wore her hair like this from Tuesday until yesterday evening when I changed it up a little. I’ll have to take pics of that later. She’ll wear her new style the rest of the week then I’ll take it all down and wash, rinse, repeat ( literally lol). And I’ll come up with a new style.

p.s Excuse the condition of my room,I was in the process of cleaning it up lol


8 thoughts on “Baby hair : protective styles

  1. Dang that month went by fast!

    Jas is so pretty! I love this hair style. Lil Mama’s hair is still not long enough to braid. She doesn’t like for me to comb it as it is. I hope she gets better about it as her hair gets longer.

    • Girl you just have to sit her there and play in her hair. I started doing that to jas as soon as her hair was long enough to twist and put a clippy on the front. I just wanted her to get use to me doing things to her hair.

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