Day 2 – your least favorite song

I can’t stand Khia’s “my neck”! 1st of all she’s ugly as all hell and secondly does she REALLY need to be “rap singing” about someone licking her p*ssy and her crack? Like forreal? Kinda makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit. Just ugh!


10 thoughts on “Day 2 – your least favorite song

  1. Stop hating…yanno you be in there shaking it singing “my back..”

    Ain’t even for a second gonna believe you hate this song. Yes, she’s ugly. But so is lil wayne…

  2. ARGH!!!! I fucking HATE that song!

    Ex-H used to play AND sing it all the time just because he knew it made me crazy. Fuckin’ A. I thought i’d never have to hear it again and here you go.

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