Randoms on Wednesday

I’ve been writing a post for 2 days and I haven’t finished it yet because the story seems soooo long when it’s typed all out. I wish we could just have a phone conference and I could just fill folks in on it and you could give me your opinions. I’m gonna finish it though because I want to know what you guys think.

I’m missing my honey like crazy! He called me to tell me he’s in heat D’oh! I guess it’s a good thing he’s not here then because. . . I’m in heat too! There would definitely be a baby in the next 9 months if we were in the same place right now lol ( Lil Anwar Hammad huh buddy lol)

Jasmine has been out of school all week. She’s been with my sister and my 13yr old niece Deja. They have been doing a great job watching her but they realize why its s good idea for her to go to school everyday. My sister said she needs it! lmao

We just had to fill out this questionnaire about work that’s suppose to confidential but they had us email it through our work email o.O

I caught up on all the episodes of the Tia&Tamera show. I really like those twins! They crack me up!

The internet has become an awesome place not just for dating but to make and build actual friendships. I’ve made a lot of lasting friendships with people I’ve met online. I’m grateful for the innanets 🙂

Thanks to my buddy ol pal Nilla or Barista as some of y’all know her, I have purged myself of another blog I was reading for no good reason. The chick isn’t work it at all and I waste time regularly reading her blog when I know full well she’s not keeping it 100%. People can blog about whatever they want and that’s fine but don’t tell half-truths because they sound good. But I guess when you’re just blogging because you want people to read and not for yourself because you enjoy it, that’s what you’ll do.

Pluots,  a plum, apricot hybrid type fruit. I’ve never had them before or heard of them. I saw them in Sprouts on Sunday and decided I wanted to try them. I only bought 2, a red and green one. I hope they are tasty! ( just bit into the green one, it tastes like a granny smiths apple)

This past weekend we went up to Palmdale to my oldest nieces’ place. Her oldest daughter was turning 7. Jas actually got into the pool without throwing a fit and I got to place Dance central. y’all ! ya girl is good! i got 5 stars a few time!

if I wasn’t feeling random today it would be wordless Wednesday around these parts so I’ll leave y’all with a picture.

we couldn’t get these girlies to smile at the same time! Either Anaya smiled and jas had her Bobo in her mouth or Jas was cheesin like here and Naya has her bink in smh lol


14 thoughts on “Randoms on Wednesday

  1. Sorry you and your hobby ate “in heat” in different places! That sucks! Any chance he’ll move closer or you’ll move to him?
    I like Tia and Tamara too. I like mo drama reality shows. BBW is ridiculous.
    Love the photos at the end! Sooo cute!

    • Well he plans to be back out here in the next couple of months possibly for good so we’ll see! *crosses fingers*

      T&T are so cute to me! Love their personalities and how close they are. I can hardly stand BBW. It gets to be too much. Grown women shouldn’t act like high schoolers

  2. Ma’am, please do NOT buy another green pluot. It was certainly not ripe! *lol* Only the redish ones. They are delish and I’ve been eating them for a few years.

    That dang Jas is too ridiculously cute!

    Pls post that story. We’ll read. I promise.

    I’ve only watched one episode of T & T show. Um, I’m not sure yet. I’ll watch at least one more to see if I can deal.

    • Lol it couldn’t have been ripe if it was like a granny smith huh!? Lol the red one was great tho. I’m gonna work on the post but see if I can make it any shorter. I love giving a back story tho. T&T have great personalities and seem very personable. I’m wondering how the show will go now the wedding it over with tho.

  3. I’ve been wanting to watch Tia and Tamara’s show. Jas is always photogenic. Pluots are tasty, but I only like the reddish ones. You are right to release the negatives!

    • Watch it! Its really cute.

      The redish one was much better than the green one

      The girl really does take good pictures!

      The negativity is gone! Woohooo!

  4. Haha! Glad I could help 😉 Sometimes we need to purge our lives of things/people who don’t bring anything positive.

    Yo – I totally LOVE her smile in that first pic! It hit me so hard when I saw it. I think I should come visit. (And since you probably didn’t know this yet – I love inviting myself places, so deal).

    • Thanks again for the purge!

      I loveee her smile in that picture too. I looked at it after I snapped it and said “wow! That’s a beautiful smile!”

  5. Jas is such a gorgeous little girl! I’m going to have to try pluots. I saw some yesterday, but I felt like I needed to research first, lol!
    I like Tia abd Tamera too! Everybody seems to say theyre too emotional, but I like that. Probably because I’m emotional as hell too,lmbo!

    • Jas is my little monkey! She drives me nuts but I wouldn’t trade her for anything.

      I loved tia and tamera’s personalities. I didn’t think they were too emotional. Considering what each had been going through its to be expected. Marriage and a baby! Come on folks, cut em some slack! Lol

      Try the fruit. It was pretty good.

  6. I have never had a pluot either. I keep seeing them in the store but I suppose my closed mind won’t let me buy one. I guess I’ll try.

    Jas, seriously needs to get an agent. But promise me you won’t turn into a Kris Jenner. Cause if you did I would have to find my way to Cali.

    • Try the red ones! And just like most fruit the softer the better.

      I would so let her do print work or acting or whatever. If I had the time I would look into it for real. She loves taking pictures.

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