Calling you out Mommy Bloggers!

Nobody wants their life to be all about their children, I know I don’t. However, ya’ll bloggers who are mommies are slackin on me! lol I wanna know what your kiddos are up to. What new things are they doing lately? New words/Phrases? New accomplishments? Damnit whats new in general!? lol

Some of you use to update often and that’s not what I’m asking you to do. Just give us (me, since no one else seems to care about what your kids are doing *crosses arms* j\k) the rundown in a blog post.

Most of us have toddlers who will be 2 this year and if I know toddlers, I know they can he handfuls but that can also be LOTS of fun. I know my girl is a mess in the best possible way. What kind of things are your little ones up to?


20 thoughts on “Calling you out Mommy Bloggers!

  1. Cute post idea! I realized recently that I hadn’t written much about my Chocolate Chip’s progress, so I updated the blog with “A Day in the Life of an Almost 8 Month Old.” She’s so much fun right now, laughing, scooting, and touching everything within her line of sight!

    • Aww see and that’s all I was asking. I just like to know that the kiddos are up to every now and again 🙂 thanks for stopping by. I’m coming over to your spot to read your post 🙂

  2. ***shame faced*** My little guy is having a field day with NO lately. He says it in a deep, stern voice, along with the appropriate stop sign gesture with his hand and shaking his head side to side. We’ve been going to The Little Gym, a play/exercise type place with mats, tubes, bars, balls, etc every Saturday morning and he seems to be a natural on the balance beam.

    • Aww good stuff! That “no!” Stuff gets jas in trouble and quickly. She knows when and when not to use it already lol

  3. Lil Mama is saying cuuuuuuP and tearing my house apart. She is so much fun now! Lil Man started school last week and he seems to be enjoying himself and loves his new classmates and teachers. I suppose I’ll do a post this week with more info!

    • The babies are all talking! I love it! And I saw your post on lil man. He’s growing up too fast! He’s so handsome. I’ll be on the lookout for this post you speak of lol

  4. I love when Pookah runs to me at the end if the day. Best part if my day really! Pookah is saying lots of words and short sentences. He loves to dance knows his numbers 1-10. Loves Elmo and baseball. And has a huge horrible temper! Wonder where he gets that from? Hmmmmm

    • Well pookah was born on my bday so I already know he’s smart and awesome! Lol. I’m just sayin!

      Jasmine can have a temper, she doesn’t get that crap from me! That’s all SD!

  5. Well, my son is 4 but let me tell you….. 2 was smooth! Now 3 is when the terrible showed up, all I can say is whoever coined “terrible twos” did so before their child turned 3. Enjoy the moments where your children do what you tell them and stay where you put them. Don’t get me wrong kids are fun, but for me three took parenting to another level.
    Consider yourself warned! lol

  6. New to your blog. My kids are 2.5 years and 2.5 months old. My toddler (Moo) is busy trying to get fully potty trained. JJ (the baby)…well, he doesn’t do much except eat, sleep and make diapers. However, he does seem to have rolling over down pat.

    • Welcome!

      See, thats all I wanna know! What are the kiddos up to! I’m gonna start potty training my daughter serious within the next week. And baby JJ seems to be doing exactly what he’s suppose to at that age lol

  7. I was watching BasketBall Wives the other day while Lewis was playing and the characters were at the beach. Lewis has never been to the beach but he pointed at the screen at said “Beach”. It tripped me out. They must have talked about it in school. He regularly calls me “Mommy” which makes me smile. When I pick him up from daycare he runs across the room yelling “Moooommmmie!”. 🙂 We are still working on getting more full sentences out of him but he talks so much more and the one off words that he knows surprises me.

    He finally knows how to jump now. He can’t jump high but he gets his feet off the ground.

    Oh yeah, he won’t eat vegetables. Why? It is carbs, carbs and more carbs with him! If I ask him what he wants for dinner he says “Pancakes!” LOL.

    • lol! I love it! Doesn’t them running at you yelling mommieeee at the end of the day just make your day! That’s always the best part of my day!

      Jasmine says things sometimes and I really wonder where she gets it from. She keeps asking me for a backpack and often tells me her tummy hurts(usually before a poop lol)

      • Yea she says it with the show too. She actually wanted one though. Like really asking, “mommy I has backpack?” Lol Now she has one that’s we’re using as her diaper bag

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