Baby hair: Curly Cutie

I wear my hair down and curly often. It’s the easiest thing to do and takes the less amount of time and effort. These days that’s right up my alley.

The last couple of weeks I haven’t felt like doing Jasmine hair either. She’s been rocking a curly side pony

remember her park stalker. . . i mean kid watcher pic from yesterday. . .

It’s simple and easy and saved us a bunch of time in the mornings. I love it. However I don’t love detangling it. That’s a mess and a hassle and Jas hates it and so do I!

So this past Saturday I decided I would try something different. It’s very rare that I let her wear her hair down and in its natural state because it gets all tangled and she ends up at the end of the day looking a hot damn mess! But on Saturday( after reading BBH blog for inspiration), I washed her hair ( which she also hates, you’d think someone was trying to literally kill her by the sounds of her screams!) and used my leave-in conditioner on it. I sectioned( about 6 sections) her hair and put a generous amount of conditioner on each section. I finger combed the conditioner through her hair ( never using an actual comb) to make sure her hair was good and saturated. When I was done I put 2 clippies on to keep her hair out if her face and that was it. Here are a few pics. It turned out even better than I expected.

smh@ the closed eyes smile

curly cutie pie

mmm chicken

heyyy! no more pictures mommy!

her curls lasted like this all day. They didn’t frizz up or anything. Her hair shrinks quite a bit after a wash but that’s normal for her.

That night I took her hair in about 6 sections and loosely braided them leaving the ends free and curly and I let her sleep like that. The next day after i took the braids down, her hair looked pretty much the same as the day before. I was very pleased with these results! This hairstyle has a 2 day max for Jas. Yesterday was day 3 and when I say HOT MESS i mean it! She came home from school looking like who, what and why!?

Overall, I’d do this again but just on weekends when she’s not playing like a mad woman at school! lol


12 thoughts on “Baby hair: Curly Cutie

  1. I do this with my daughter’s hair a lot. Not such much with my hair because I still have relaxed ends and am still transitioning but curls rock, nonetheless!

    Babygirl is SO adorable!

  2. Aww..the little bully in her non bully stages is so cute. She reminds me of my goddaughter…remind me to show you a picture of her. She eating chicken with 5 teeth? is that possible? My son got 50-11 thousand teeth & I can’t get him to eat anything. My favorite is her stalker picture. She look like a little lady in that picture. I can see her being your kidnapper lookout when y’all stalk me from my foursquare..

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