It’s monday and I’m feeling random

I haven’t been able to sleep lately. I think I got too used to having someone sleep in the bed with me. Now honey has been back in Texas for over a week. Hopefully things will go back to normal for me and my wack ass sleeping habits.

I’m tired of my job. I’m sure I’ve mentioned that before but it’s getting to be really bad. Like I drag ass to get here in the mornings. As soon as I get into the office I have a shitty attitude for most of the morning. My coworkers voices irritate the crap out of me. I play my ipod ALL DAY just to drown them out.

Jasmine has become VERY talkative. She’s been chatty for months but she wakes up talking these days. From the moment she opens her eyes she’s talking. This morning for instance, she opens her eyes and the conversation goes like this:

Jas: Hi mommy!

me: Hi baby

Jas: Mommy, look, my pillow

me: I see it

Jas: I was sleep

Me: I know baby, did you sleep good?

Jas: yea

me: good

Jas: Mommy I pee pee, I wet. Mommy, my panties? Shoes? Look, my shoes!

(My phone alarm goes off)

Jas: Mommy, your phone! Your phoneee mommyyy, your phoneeeee!

me: o.O

She has also been waking up whiny. Like extra annoying whining. I also can’t take it!

I’m tired of my hair. I wish I could cut it off and start over. I don’t like anything it’s been doing lately. I think it may be time for my yearly braids. That’ll make me leave it alone for a little while.

My Honey’s mom loves me! I think he’s jealous lol. She’s 10 mins from me and he’s in Texas. Did I mention he’s a momma’s boy? In a good way though. I love their relationship.

While he was out here visiting he had to deal with the drama that is his daughters mother! She’s annoying and spiteful. I don’t understand woman who can’t move on. I don’t understand more woman who have men who WANT to be a part of their children’s lives yet keep those men away from the children. Then complain when he gets fed up with fighting about it. Ladies, figure out what the fuck you want from these men. If they don’t want to be with you, move on but don’t hold their relationships with their children hostage because you can’t let go of the past. Its not fair to anyone involved.

I need a vacation from life.

I can’t believe my baby will be 2 in 3 months! That just sounds crazy to me. i figured out what I want to do to celebrate. I want to take her to disneyland. I’m going to do that the weekend before her birthday and the weekend of her birthday I’m going to invite all of her cousins over and we can have cake and ice cream and sing happy birthday to her.A better idea then inviting a bunch of people who won’t even show up right? And it’ll take me a bunch of money. #winning

Jasmine does NOT know how to play at the park. She doesn’t like sand and she hates the swings. IT took her 45 mins of sweeping sand off a bench and kid watching before she was even willing to get on a slide( which she loved!)

cleaning that bench

Kid stalking. . . I mean watching

finally something she liked!

She also called a Mexican little girl at the park Dora! the little girl did have that dumb ass Dora haircut so it was an innocent mistake. Don’t want anyone to think Jas is racial profiling *glares at Buddy*

That it’s for now. What you got random?

*yes she did wear those shades the entire time we were at the park, smh*


8 thoughts on “It’s monday and I’m feeling random

  1. Jas is a Diva! LOL! Pookahs speech is getting clearer everyday! It’s sobfunny to actually know what he’s saying now!

    • She really is!

      I love that she communicates so well. Its helpful to everyone involved lol. She also tells on people and she’s quick with that.

  2. She is so cute. At least she is raised in a good home where the worst she can possibly do is refer to a child as Dora. I had the unfortunate experience of hearing a white child, maybe a little older, ask his mother, why there were so many n….s in the store we were in. You know he was hearing that somewhere!!!

  3. I’ve noticed that my son has become extremely talkative as well. But I encourage my children to verbalize how they feel and what they want to say, so even if I’m exhausted, I still respond. I definitely understand you how feel about that. lol.

    As for these bitter exes, I could be here all day explaining my strong disdain. To do such is just childish and selfish.

    • I want her to talk. I love that she does and so clearly, I just wish it wasn’t SO much lol. I can’t have it both ways though lol.

      Childish and selfish pretty much sums it up!

    • Yes she called her dora and pointed and was loud. I could do nothing but laugh. No need to explain to her that the little girl wasn’t dora. She had dora’s hair! Lol

      Disney is what we’re gonna do. She loves micky mouse and those characters. She gets excited every time she spots one when we’re out and about. Andddd its free for her to go #winning! Lol

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