20 months and other randoms

My girl made 20 months today! Like wow time really does fly. It truly seems like she’s been here forever. I couldn’t imagine life without her. She’s my ace and I truly do cherish all the time I get to spend with her.

my 20 month old baby girl this morning

Jas your eyes are closed!

I told her to open her eyes and this is what she does lol

she said, "mommy, my BoBo!"

Silly Goose!

Jasmine told a lady in the store yesterday who called her cute, “I’m Pretty!”. The lady was taken aback and then said to Jas, ” Yes, I’m sorry, you are pretty! Very pretty actually.” Jas just blushed and giggled. smh my child is a nut.

Her talked gets better everyday. I still wish she’d hush sometimes because it gets to be a bit much but I am always glad she can communicate without pointing or whining (much). She tells me what she wants or what she doing or what she wants me to do( lol no really she’s bossy).

She gets in my bed at 430am most mornings just to go back to sleep and be ALL in my space. Kinda like this

yea I had to move. She was doing TOO much! lol

She likes to do EVERYTHING herself. From putting on her clothes and shoes to wiping herself when I take her diaper off. I told her yesterday if she’s gonna tell me she pee’d then she can get on that potty at home. Her response, “okay mommy!” so we’ll see if she was serious lol.

In other news:

My honey will be here next week. His daughter is turning 4 on the 7th and she begged him to bring me and Jas to the party. He told her he would try so that she would stop asking but he knows we can’t come. Her mom would have a full-blown fit if he walked into a party with me and Jasmine. She’s not over the fact that they aren’t together and haven’t been for 3 years. His mom told me she thinks his Ex has some mental issues because ” she’s nuts”. Her words’ not mine. Although I agree 100%.

He and I and the girls will have to go do something together like we usually do when he comes into town. Hopefully he doesn’t let Kayla pick. She always chooses Chuck E. Cheese and I can’t STAND that place. Last time we were there I wanted to fight Peoples kids for taking things from jasmine or pushing her down or taking Kayla’s tokens. It was just too much.

My honey actually appreciates lingerie. Like he wants to admire me in it and not just rip it off and toss it somewhere. So usually when he comes into town I go buy something new. I went to Lane Bryant to look for some just because the bra part is usually the right size. However they only had size 28! Damnit! I’m not a skinny girl but I’m only a size 14. 28 is not gonna cut it.

Maybe it’s because I’m fighting the womanly war but I have been very wimpy the last couple of days. Like I get off the phone with Honey and get all misty in the eye area. I don’t even know why tho lol Also because of the womanly war I’m already thinking about how much I am gonna miss him when he does back. Like damn woman, he hasn’t even got here yet and you’re already thinking about him leaving? I need to get it together STAT!

That’s it for now. I think I’ll go pretend like I’m doing some workΒ  now. Bye y’all!



14 thoughts on “20 months and other randoms

  1. Hey! Just found your diary through Mia’s, thought I’d write since you hit a chord with me. I feel you on the being afraid of him leaving even before he’s arrived! I always ruin the last couple of days with just the thought of him leaving again, and having to be without him. Though for me, the distance is longer (a continent or two), so goodbyes are always longer. Hard! But all the more sweet when we do get together :).

    • Thanks for stopping by. I’m also glad people can relate to how I’m feeling. Makes me feel a little less crazy lol. Long distance relationships are hard, but like you said, when you get together its great!

  2. Pookah sleeps just like that, which is why when he gets in our bed, i get out. Otherwise, there is not sleep with the three of us. And its a KING sized bed!
    Have fun with your man! At least someone around here has drive…..

    • If I had some place else to sleep I would surely take advantage of that lol. I’m not couching it for her. Not at all!

      No worries. I have enough drive to share with about 4 or 5 women lol

  3. HAHAHA, look her all stretched out! I’m not sure when I’m converting Baby’s crib to a toddler bed. She sleeps wildly, even with the rail, I’m afraid she may tumble out. That or she may find me in the middle of the night a la Jas.

    Have fun with your honey. I’m sending you my stash of “getting some action” coupons because I have no desire to use them.

    • But if its a toddler bed she’ll be close to the floor even if she falls out. Jas slipped out of hers a time or 2 but it was okay.

      I’ll take those coupons but u might want em back lol

  4. I can understand you wanting to avoid any type of confrontation and his daughter’s party. She really needs to grow up. Sooner or later, she’ll just have to face the facts.

  5. Jas is such a gorgeous girl!

    have you checked Kohls or tjmaxx for lingerie? That’s where I’ve found the most affordable, god quality things!

    Have fun, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t! (which means you can do pretty much anything, lol!)

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