Long Weekend

This weekend was spent having fun in the sun. Jas and I drove up to Palmdale, Ca which is about an hr and half away from Inglewood in no traffic. In after work traffic it took me 3 hrs. Jasmine slept for the 1st hour and a half and the last hour or so we chatted and giggled and danced. It was actually a nice ride. We arrived in Palmdale at my oldest niece’s house at about 6pm. She just got married 2 weeks ago and wanted us to come down to celebrate with her and hubby.  She had 3 kids. My 6yr old niece Amari who is a fitness guru already. The girl did pull ups in her closet on the pole you hang your clothes on o-O. She also walks on her toes. Needless so say she has killer calves and a muscle butt. I am curious to see how she looks as a teenager. Her did better get a gun, 2 of them! Amari has a little sister, Anaya who just turned 18 months and is already a good inch and a half taller than Jas who is 2 months older. Then there is little DJ who will be 9 months old soon and is just the happiest little baby boy ever! He is trying to crawl but hasn’t yet mastered getting up on his knees so he is the master at army crawling.

We got in and got comfortable and Jas went right away and started playing with her cousins who she hasn’t seen since April. We have a little mini slumber party. My oldest sister and nephew came down that morning. The next morning which was Saturday, we all got up and dressed and headed to the pool for some fun. All the kiddies looked so cute in their swim gear.

The fitness Guru Amari



I wish I would have taken more pics. However, my batteries died and I only got a few. My mom, 3 of my other nieces and my cousin drove down Saturday morning and got in the pool with us too. We all headed back to Inglewood in the late afternoon. I was beat. I still am. Jasmine slept like a log Saturday night,  and so did I.

One thing I learned is, Jasmine is not about the pool. She’ll pass. I don’t know if maybe its just too cold or what the issue was but she wasn’t having any part of it. I tried to get her in the pool with me and she screamed like someone was killing her. I got her out and sat her on my beach towel and there she sat for at least an hr just watching everyone with her shades on. lol We have a pool at our house. since it’s starting to warm up good here we’ll be getting in that pool soon and regularly.

Yesterday we went and visited with my other nieces and nephews. 2 of them had birthdays this week. Dj turned 9 on Friday and his little brother Deion turned 2 yesterday.

Happy Birthday Deion!

We went and gave them some birthday love before headed to my parents house for the rest of the evening. I’m still tired. I have no recovered from the weekend. Too much sun and driving I think lol.

Cheese burger eddie

How was your weekend?


6 thoughts on “Long Weekend

  1. Aww, I love all the pics! You guys had a great weekend. I miss my fam in NY so much and I hate that my son doesn’t get to see his cousins more. Hopefully Jas will get used to the pool and love it. My son loves anything water related and cries when he has to get out of the bathtub or pool.

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