5 reasons I miss him

My honey is coming into town on July 2nd! I am excited *dougies* He’s gonna be here a whole week and that makes me even more excited! I love spending time with my love.  I sat here and thought about him a lot yesterday and the reasons why I always miss him when he’s not with me. Let me break it down for you. Here are just 5 of the reasons why I miss him.

1. He gives the best hugs in the world and I love hugs. There is something very sexy about the way he hugs me. He’s not gropy or feeling me up( although I have no issue with that at all lol) He wraps his arms around me and I instantly close my eyes and take in the moment.

2. His snoring is soothing. LOL! I know that sounds weird but once he starts to snore I sleep like a baby! No lie. I grew up with a dad who could call the hogs home and that snoring put me to sleep too.

3. Snuggling up next to him. I love being with someone I feel safe and loved with. I love sitting next to him and laying my head on his chest.

4. His smile! He has a beautiful smile and when he’s smiling at me I just melt. I love seeing him happy. Lord knows we’ve been though some tough times. And he has been though his own tough times where he was depressed or feeling down for whatever reason. I’ve been there through all of that. Now his happy moments far outweigh his bad ones and I love that.

5. The sexy time of course! I know some of y’all aren’t with the sexy time all the time. It’s a chore and has to be scheduled. Well I’m not on that train. I LOVE sexy time and if I could I’d have sexy time multiple times a day. No lie. I really would. Am I the only one that sexy time brightens a day for? Like cloud 9.5! Yea. . . okay. .  enough about that lol

I love that man. He really is my better half and I am very blessed that he was placed in my life.  Can’t wait to hang out with my love.

10 thoughts on “5 reasons I miss him

  1. Love is in the air! I definitely understand how hard it is to have the one you love in a different city. i also know how great it feels when the one you love comes into town! I hope you have a great time next weekend with your honey. And enjoy the sexy time…..often!!!

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