19 months and other things. . .

So my little girl is 19 months and 2 days old! lol. I don’t even count the months anymore. When people ask I just say and year and a half. It just sounds better to me. She’s such a big girl, counting her months sounds kinda silly to me.

Shes talking more than ever now. Not baby talk, like actual talking. I love it. . and I hate it! lol She gets going and she doesn’t stop. I wasn’t quite ready for that yet. I was hoping I’d have a few more months of just words here and there. No such luck with me I suppose. Her fav things to say are:

” I do it”
” Okay!” ( instead of yes)
“I do it myself”
“aww mann”
I la yeww”
“I sorry”
“You hold me?” ( pick me up)

Plenty more but those are her main phrases these days. She also has more attitude than I like for a baby. She gets angry so quickly. I call her my little sour patch kid when she flips like that. My grandmother said, ” she had to get something from her donor, it must be that attitude!” and I’m sure she’s right. The best thing to do with her fits is to ignore them. She usually calms herself down when she see’s she’s getting no attitude love.

Last week Jas was doing something she shouldn’t have been doing ( I don’t recall what) and I was telling her to knock it off. She pretended not to hear me so I picked her up and sat her in front of me and continued my point with her so that she would have to look at me and listen. Yall! This child! I tune in to what she’s doing and this little girl is mocking me! She was rolling her neck and eyes and puppeting her mouth! Like I’m a damn adult in a Charlie brown movie! I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to laugh so bad but I couldn’t let her think I thought it was funny. So i looked at her very seriously and told her, ” Jasmine, don’t ever do that again, it’s not cute!” and she got a little sad in the face and said, ” I sorry mommy!” I’m sure she gets that crap from those bigger kids at daycare. She just doesn’t know shes suppose to do it behind my back not to my face! lol

Aside from her being a sassy pants she’s doing very well with everything. She’s feeding herself with a spoon. She’s starting to says ” Cuse me” instead of ” Moveeee” lol. She’s been sitting on her potty more. She had become a little scared of it for some reason. So I’m reintroducing it to her.

She’s my little love muffin. She wakes up every morning with a smile and a ” Hi mommy” and she leans in for a smooch. That always makes my morning. After she gets dressed she comes and sits on my lap because she knows its hair combing time. I love that hair isn’t a hassle for her. She likes looking pretty. She’s such a girl.

And on to other things.. .

My sister and I

My mom took my sisters and I on a date to see One of Prince’s last shows he had here in Inglewood. Mary J opened! If you haven’t seen her in concert you should! She was awesome. She could have kept going and everyone would have loved it! Price got on stage with her while she was singing “Sweet thang” and she was so shocked. Kinda star struck and it was so cute. He played his guitar and she sang her tail off. He wasn’t even ready to come out. He still had his hair wrapped up and was in sneakers lol.

When his set started, he tore it down! But that was to be expected. This was my 3rd concert since he’s been in my city and I’m telling you, every show was different. He said, ” I have so many hits we could be here til next Saturday” and he definitely does

Mary J.

on sunday, my parents had a BBQ at their house. I love when we have “family days” as I like to call them. It’s not often all my sisters and my brother and all the kids get together. When we do it’s always a good time. We ate. Playing the MJ experience and played some card games. I truly love my family.

Jas and Gia both looking crazy

My honey misses us. He’s suppose to come out here for his daughter’s birthday in July but he says he may wanna come sooner. I miss him like crazy so I’m for whatever the plan is, except moving to Dallas any time soon lol. I’m hoping he changes his mind about that but I’m sure he won’t. He’s already talking about looking for houses. This long distance thing, (that I didn’t sign up for) is really working for us. He works, I work and take care of Jas and we spend time every month or so. I can’t complain.

I’ve been feeling really good lately. Been taking much better care of myself. Also, I’ve had various people tell me how good of a job they think I am doing with Jasmine. That makes me feel like the way I am raising her isn’t going unnoticed and I truly appreciate that. She really is a good girl.

Oh and on the 11th of this month I’m going to another concert. R.Kelly, Marsha Ambrosious and Keisha Cole. Truthfully, I really wanna see Marsha live. I do like R. Kelly’s new CD though. And Keisha “Meh” I can take or leave her. She’s like Mary J., she made much better much when she was going through it ( when she was on drugs and thangs). Sometimes people fall in love and their music falls off.

Well that’s it for now. Y’all have a good rest of the week. I’m not sure I’ll be back to post this week. We shall see.


8 thoughts on “19 months and other things. . .

  1. I still have to watch the vlogs! I can’t from work and I never use my computer at home.

    I can relate to what you said about Keyshia Cole…my writing was a million times better when I was stoned. lol

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