6 thoughts on “vlogging. . . again

  1. It is borderline fanatic…that’s a lot of prince! I went to his show a few years ago and was disappointed that he didn’t play his old stuff like I wanted! Does he do his old stuff?

    • No ma’am the fanatic is my big sister who told me his bday was june 6th and told me he’d be 53 this year! Lol. She’s truly his biggest fan. I don’t think i’d know much about him if it wasn’t for her. And yes he only plays old stuff. Not a single new song.

  2. You’re a Prince fanatic, lol! It’s so funny that the baby shower weather was dreary, but then the party was all sunny and happy, lmbo! Must be a sign!

    • Lol not quite a fanatic but he puts on a damn good show. Its a different show every time. He has so many songs he can do that too lol.

      I think you’re right, I might be a sign. Dude is a loser.

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