Things that are annoying me today

So its Tuesday and I’m annoyed by a few things. Shall I break them down. . . Ok. I will.

I’m annoyed that I miss my honey! That trip was way too short.

I’m annoyed with my childs attitude as of late. She’s cranky. I call her a reverse sour patch kid. “1st she’s sweet. . . Then she’s sour” and she can flip back to sweet in an instant. Its annoying.

I’m annoyed that people cheat on WordFeud like we’re getting paid to play. If you can’t define it, don’t place those tiles on the board. WTF is a Whig? Lynx? Really folks. . . REALLY!?

I’m annoyed my cell bill is $480 due to my sister taking my computer to Canda with my webstick. . . *sigh* she’s paying that damn bill!

I’m annoyed that I’ve had a headache since Sunday. I think that turn around trip did me in.

I’m annoyed that i’d like nookie on demand but i’d have to move to Dallas to get that and its just not going down right now 😦

I’m annoyed that I’m starting to feel phsyically ill when I pull up to work. That’s not a good sign at all.

I’m once again annoyed with this alopecia. Its getting hot and I just wanna wear a damn ponytail but I can’t because I don’t feel like going off on people for staring. So I just stick to covering it and no one even knows I have it.

I’m annoyed that I can’t fall right to sleep at night and can’t wake up in the mornings. I can’t make it to work before 8 which means I have to stay until 5 or later most says which is wacktastic!

I’m annoyed that I have to attend this baby shower this weekend. I hate baby showers! I hate playing those games. I just wanna go and chill and have a nice day without all that extra. But alas she wants to do games and even worse, she asked could I host them. . .*rolls eyes*

Okay, that’s enough. Maybe I’ll feel better now because I got that off my chest. I’m sitting here with frowned up eyebrows and what not.

This song is also lightening my mood 🙂


8 thoughts on “Things that are annoying me today

  1. Dude, I think it’s all the kids. I’m been calling mine Booger Boy for about 2 weeks now. Just fussy, cranky and generally getting on my nerves. *lol* Deep breaths on that front! Glad to hear that today started off better than yesterday.

    • Well we’re gonna have to figure out what the issue is with te 2yrs and under group because she has been driving me nuts

  2. I’m annoyed with my little cranky one too. One minutes his my sweet little Pookah, the next moment…I need a drink.

    I hate baby shower games!!!Especially the what’s this baby food one!

    and i used to feel really dumb on Words with friends…until I realized that people cheat….

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