It was a party to remember. . .

I was gonna do some randoms but I’ll save that for later on in the week. Instead I remembered I was gonna post pics of the party we had the 16th of this month. My twinsies just made a year on April 4th and my niece Daina was going to turn 3yrs old on the 18th so we thought a party was in order. My oldest niece and her 3 kids had come down to visit from Palmdale, Ca which is about 2 hours from inglewood so all the grandkids were in town and that doesn’t happen often at all. My brother even came over with his daughter, my niece Gia. So here is our weekend in pics with few commentary.

The bday girl Daina (DD is what we call her)

Jas, before she was covered in chalk

my niece Gia

Deja and Gia

my newest nephew DJ (6months) and my sister

water gun fights

Princess roller blades

playing in water

Daina, Destiny,Jas and my niece Amari

My niece Anaya(bow leg don't care! lol)

Kisses for a twinsie!

Damien, Gia and Donnovan

Jas and Deion

Princess Tiana Mini cake for the bday girl

cupcakes mmmmm!

my little twinsie turtle crawler cupcake face

the girls! Daina, Jasmine and Destiny

sisterly love!

chalk monster

funny thing is, my older boy nephews were there as well but they were in the front yard having their own water fight I didn’t get them in any pics. I wasn’t trying to get caught in the crossfire of water hose and balloons.

WeΒ  had an awesome weekend and hopefully we can all do it again. Looking as these pics reminds me of why Jas may not need any siblings. Look at all these cousins she has within her age range!


8 thoughts on “It was a party to remember. . .

  1. oh what fun! I love it when all the grandkids can come together. It’s so special and definitely doesn’t happen near enough πŸ™‚

    The kiddos are precious!

    • Aww thanks! We are blessed. Everyone is healthy and happy. And to think, 4 of these kids were born preemies. You’d never guess which ones by looking at them.

  2. All of these kids are super cute! Anaya looked like she was getting her dance on and the photo of Gia and the twins…love it!

    Ms. Jas as always, looking fab and fly all up in the mix with the big girls. Looks like you all had a ball. Nothing like those times with family!

    • It really was good times. I love when we can all hang out together. Only person missing was my little sis who always has to work 😦

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