Wordless Wednesday: Chalk it up!

*I haven’t been able to log on and blog lately because its been very busy here at work but I’ll be back at it soon. I wanted to do a weekend update because my weekend was awesome but I’ll get to it soon enough. We had a party for a my 3yr old niece and 1yr old twin nephews and all 15 of my parents grandkids were there. There’s extremely rare! lol. The run down on that and pics to come soon. The pic above is from the party and Jasmine loves chalk and drawing on the ground. . oh and eating chalk! It’s alright, she’s still alive 🙂 *

15 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Chalk it up!

  1. What a cute cute little dress!
    And my little ones adore chalk too…when they were younger they used to eat it. I think it looks like chalky ice cream to them. haha Love their faces when they realize it’s not what they think it is. 🙂

  2. I spotted some of that in the $1 bin at Target. It said 3+ so I wasn’t sure if Lewis would like it or not. Now I’m going to snap it up and add it to his Easter Basket.

    Ugh – that means we’ll have to go outside though. I hate being outside in the heat.

  3. Ok..so she can eat chalk but not twinkies..#doublestandard.

    Also I know she can’t write or spell yet so someone is passing off their elementry drawings for someone else…*looking around, but constantly glaring at you*..lol

    • You really don’t have to be a hater all your life you know? Lol jas helped with all the scribble. My niece Amari is 6 and did the real words lol

    • Right! And I couldn’t keep it out of her mouth. So I concluded it wouldn’t kill her and stopped fussing with her about it.

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