Spontaneous Travels


I hadn’t planned on taking THIS vacation, I thought Palm Springs was the plan for the weekend. But when my best friend canceled that trip( and i definitely was NOT mad) and my honey called and asked did Jas and I want to come to Dallas, TX for the weekend, I said sure.He’s relocating to Dallas from NY for another contract job. The positive is that he’s closer now. The Crappy part is that he’s still not home with us. But a man has got to work and I will never be mad about that!

So we booked and overnight flight to TX. I had never traveled by myself with a toddler before so I was sure to pack her plenty of snacks, her coloring book, and Yo Gabba Gabba Dvd’s and hoped for the best. Our plane was to leave at 1:40am and I was really shocked that Jasmine stayed awake at the airport. She hammed it up as usual and had people talking to her the entire time.

We boarded our plane and she looked around and found people to wave at. I said a prayer for our safety and for Jas to be a good girl for this plane trip. The place took off and 15mins later Jasmine was sleeping( and snoring). She slept the entire flight.I can’t tell you how happy I was about that. We flew from California to Memphis without a peep out of my child.

We had a layover for over an hr. I let her get up and run around a little. Fed her some oatmeal. Then it was back in the stroller for her so she could watch her fav show.Yo Gabba Gabba kept her entertained until we needed to get on our next plane. Again, as soon as that plane took off she was out like a light!

We made it to Dallas at about 10:45am and BF met us at baggage claim. We were both happy to be with him again. Our little family was back together and there is not better feeling than that.

We grabbed a bite to eat and headed on over to the hotel. He hung out with us literally a few mins before they called him and told him they needed him to work that day. We were tired and had airplane on us so him not being able to stay was just fine. He came back around 8ish.  Jasmine ate a couple bites of the room service we ordered and was out like a light. She hadn’t ate much that day which concerned me but I figure maybe she was jet lagged.  He and I stayed up for a while and played XBox and talked and clowned, we had missed each other.

The next day which was friday, BF hung out with us all morning. Work called him before noon and he had to go out to a site. I was alright with that because I had plans already. Desiree, my bloggy buddy( and new mommy! Congrats again girly)  lives in Dallas and Jas and I were gonna hang out with her for a bit. She called me that morning and confirmed that we were still on to hang out. So jasmine and I got ourselves together and took a walk to the lobby so she could run around for a little bit. ( I mean literally running too lol)We headed back to the room and BF called and asked were we hungry. He came and picked us up and we went and got some lunch

Jas is Daddy's Shadow


Desiree called while we were on our way back to the hotel and said she was on her way. Perfect timing because BF had to go back to work.

He leaves and we head back to the lobby to meet Desiree ( who is even prettier in person). I guess BF saw her pull up so he came back to meet her( so nice of him 🙂  ) before he left for real this time lol. She and I load Jas up and we head up the road to a Starbucks. We had nice conversation and watched Jasmine color in her book( and break crayons oh, and stick them in Desiree’s purse lol). After awhile Desiree had to head back home so we headed back to the hotel. It was so nice meeting her and getting to hang out.( Silly me forgot my camera in the room so we didn’t get to take any pictures.)

BF didn’t get back to the room until after 10pm that evening. Jasmine was out already.

Linus putting herself to sleep with her blankie

He received a call and they told him they needed him to be at work the next morning by 8am, in a city that was 3 hrs away *sigh*. We stayed up and talked for a little while but if he was gonna get up early, he needed sleep, so we called it a night.


The next morning which was Saturday i wake up to Jasmine tapping me. I open my eyes and look at her. She points to Daddy who is getting dressed and asks me, ” Where he goin?’ I tell her, Daddy has to go to work, to which she responds “Oh” and lays back down. He kisses us both and leaves for the day. Jas and I lay around and play for a little bit but we have plans that day. Teresha, my other bloggy buddy over at Marlie and Me also lives in Dallas and was coming to hang out with Jas and I. Teresha called me that morning to confirm we were still on for 1pm.

Jas and I laid around for a bit and watched some Saturday morning cartoons before we took showersThen we were off again to the Lobby so she could run around and ham it up like only she knows how lol. I told her she was gonna meet Marlie today and she got excited. She chanted “Marnee” for a while and before long I saw them pull up. Jasmine walks over to the doors and they walk in and she stands there and smiles at Marlie who doesn’t know what to make of my girl just yet lol. Teresha and I hug and then gather our girls up for our adventure.

She took us out to lunch where the girls grubbed.

All I did was pull out the camera! How cute is she!

Jasmine still very excited as you can see lol

Messy girls

Jas and Marlie were fast friends. They shared food across the table and made a huge mess but that was okay. Teresha and I were also fast friends. I felt like I had known her forever and that’s always a great feeling when meeting someone you’ve never met in person before.

Don't mind our girls lol


After lunch we headed off to the mall where the girls got to play in the indoor play area. We also had some ice cream and did some shoe shopping in payless ( I left Jas’s other shoes at home by accident)(our girls are Bullies Teresha lol)

After the mall the girls were extra tired so we headed back to the hotel. We could have hung out with them all day. We had such a good time and I hope we get to do it again.

The next morning it was time to head home. Our plane was supposed to leave at 8:15am. We woke up before 6 and our hotel had no lights! Getting 2 adults and a toddler dressed with only the lights from cell phones is no easy task but we did it and made our way to the airport. Bf’s dumb GPS got us lost on the way to the airport, needless to say we missed our flight. I was so pissed about it I had tears. My buddy sent me a message wishing us safe travels and I told him we missed our flight. He knew how upset I was and he did his best( and it worked) to calm me down and prevent me from snapping on BF because it really wasn’t his fault. We got another flight that was leaving at 11:20am so we waited and waited and in the process I calmed down and all was right with the world again.

Soon it was time to go check in. I hugged bf a long time. He told me loved me and thanked me for coming and apologized for not being able to hang out like he had planned. Then before he went to tell Jasmine by he teared up and those tears started to run down his face. He told he loved her and was gonna miss her. I don’t think she believed he was leaving because she hugged him and kept giggling lol. He told me he was gonna cry like Redd in the movie Friday when he got in the car.

He gon cry in the car

We made it back home the same way we began, with Jasmine sleeping pretty much the entire plane ride which was a blessing. I would have hated to be the woman on the plane with the screaming kid. Jas got complimented every time we switched planes on our trip about how good she was. Some people even commenting that they didn’t even know there was a baby on the plane. Made momma proud! lol

Once bf gets more settled and has a work schedule in advance he wants me to come back. I haven’t decided yet if Jas will be on that trip. While he was good for the most part, traveling with a baby is pretty hard. Lots of stuff to carry and remember. But we shall see.

I hope all ya’ll had a good weekend. I’m hoping this week goes by extra fast *crosses fingers*

ohhh and let me not forget that I am going to see Prince in concert in Thursday. This is shaping up to be an awesome week! * Dances a jig*



17 thoughts on “Spontaneous Travels

  1. You did travel VERY WELL with a toddler. She did exceptionally. I have a 2 and 5 year old that we travelled with last year to New Hampshire and Boston and the two of them together was exhausting! hahah Thank goodness for DVDs, huh?!

    • Girl! That protable dvd player was a lifesaver on this trip. I just wish I had packed her more dvds. Her yo gabba gabba dvd kinda wore me out! Lol

  2. Sounds like you had fun and yeah for Jasmine being a great traveller. I am considering flying Lewis with me to Richmond in June and I’m am crazy nervous about it! Maybe a night-flight would be a good thing because he’d be tired. Or it would be a bad thing for the very same reason LOL!

    Totally jealous of your 2 bloggy meetups!

    • Lol I think he’ll sleep. What seemed to help jasmine was sucking her bink during take off and until she dozed off.

      Bloggy meet ups are so much fun. When I comr to atl next summer I hope to meet up with you and some other atl bloggy folks. That would be awesome.

  3. You did so good for traveling with a toddler for the first time, like a pro!
    I cried reading about the part where BF had to say bye. Maybe you and BF can spend more QT next trip.
    Loving the pics! I showed Marlie and she pointed and said Jass (like a whisper!)
    Enjoy Prince in concert! I love me some him! I was wearing a Prince shirt during our outing, LOL!

    • awww! made me tear up again when i was typing it.

      Marlie is so cute and her and Jas are too cute together lol

      Now you got me going back to check out your shirt lol

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