It’s friday again

I’m so happy it’s friday again. This week of work has been LONG and BORRINGGGG for me. I’m so glad it’s over.

Jasmine didn’t have school today so she stayed home with my sister which meant i was able to get to work before 830 am lol. I actually got here at 630am * yawn* since i don’t work but 15 mins from work but typically have to drive out of my way 15 mins to take jas to school and then back. It’s pretty wack but I really do love her daycare.

Jas went poop in the potty again last night.  I don’t want to be the kind of parent who forces the potty on their child. I want going to the potty to be something she’s not scared of. I know a chick who spanked her son until he went to the potty. That definitely the wrong way to go about it and I’d never do that to Jasmine. I figure since she tells me when she has to make a stinky she can use the potty to do that. Until she’s able to tell me she has to tinkle, then she can still wear her diapers. I won’t waste money on pull-ups for her to pee in them.


Jas reading her book as she handles some business


my BF is going to drive from NY to cali because he bought a truck. It’s gonna cost him $700 just in gas to make that trip! Sheesh. I wonder if it’s cheaper for him just to ship the damn thing here and fly back? He should look into that.

Next weekend I’m going to Palm Springs for the weekend with my bestie. Do you think I can sneak Jasmine along without anyone noticing? I’ve never been that far away from her over night. Hopefully I keep my sanity and she doesnt drive anyone crazy over the weekend while I’m gone.

An Ex came out of the woodwork to ask when we were gonna hang out like we’re buddies who speak often or something. Uhh sir, no thanks. I’ll pass.

I have this dumb shirt on my sister gave me yesterday. And while it’s very cute and purplely( my fav color) it has GLITTER on it which i guess I didn’t notice yesterday. I. HAVE GLITTER. EVERYWHERE. Like seriously, all over my tights, on my sweater on my keyboard even in my damn nose! I keep sneezing. just ugh! This shirt is coming off as soon as i get home.

My kid is a ham. It’s not like I didn’t already realize that but she smiles and poses for pictures just so she can look at them. I snap a picture and as soon as it flashes she says, ” Let me see it”. I let her see and she smiles and points at herself and tells me , ” that’s Jassy!” smh

Oh and she made 17 months on the 30th. She’s getting to be such a big girl. All the talking she does and wanting to do everything else. I want her to grow up as much as i want her to slow down.

Things said by Jasmine this week:

Niece Deja pretending to be sleep so Jas wouldn’t drag her off somewhere. Jas tries twice to wake her and she keeps faking. Jas says, ” I hate when she do that!” Clearly she’s been hanging around Deja too long lol

Now I’ll leave ya’ll with our 17 month photo shoot lol

how cute is this jumper!

DJ cool breeze wanted to wear her sunglasses like mommy yesterday after school.

Hope ya’ll have an awesome weekend. I plan to.



10 thoughts on “It’s friday again

  1. Everybody has potty pics of their kids. Using the pot is a giant moment in kids life.
    I told my mom just yesterday that jumper’s were coming back. Jas is too cute in her denim jumper.

    • Yea u gotta have the potty pic. The more she goes, the less freaked out I am about it lol. I loveee jumpers on kids. Adults need to put em back on the rack lol

  2. That jumper is soooo cute! Where did you get it? She is going to get you when she grows up for the potty picture!

    You are so lucky to live in Cali. Going to Palm Springs…I wish. Have fun, get some time to yourself. She will be fine, she might need a break from you!

    • The jumper is from burlingtons coat factory. It was 6 bucks!

      You might be right. We need a break from eachother lol

  3. “When we gonna hang out?” is guy speak for “When we gonna fuck?” SMH. They think they’re slick. Then again with some of the stories my guy friend tells me these things work on many, many women. Smh again.

    She is the cutest, but you’re wrong for the potty pic. Poor girl goes apeshit and rips your face off some day and I’ll just sit back and say “Told ya.”

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