I’m not ready for the potty


I know most parents are thrilled when their children start potty training but I don’t think I’m ready. Jasmine had her own little routine. I have no idea when she’s wet until I check her. Poop however is a different story. Before she makes a stinky as we call it, she wags her little fingers under her nose and sometimes she’ll even say stinky a long with that stinky wagging motion lol. The other night I was giving her a bath and she call me, then makes the stinky signal. I snatch her out of the tub and sit her on the toilet. It took her a minute but she made her stinky and I was proud of her. I wiped her toush and let her flush by herself . She was proud of herself. While sitting there lotioning her after her bath, I realized I wasn’t ready for her to be full blown potty trained. I mean I hate changing stinky diapers but, I’m so not ready for her to be that independant.

Is that selfish? I’m I weird? Lol. I just keep thinking about how fast she’s growing up. She’ll be 1yr and 5 months on Wednesday and I guess now is as good a time as any to start but I don’t know if I’m ready for that step. She already is done with bottles and has been a few months. She helps me dress her in the morning. She knows how to put her pants on. She talks(way too much most days lol) and walks and runs. She sleeps in her big girl bed every night. Oh and let me add that she lovesss being in the bathroom to talk to me when I’m doing my business. She still has that bink, but I’m REALLY not ready for that fight. I just give it to her now when she’s tired. So I guess I should just get ready and let her get on with the business of uh. . . Her business. I’ll do it. No one said I had to like it 😦


16 thoughts on “I’m not ready for the potty

  1. You’re not crazy cause if you were, I’d have to say I was as well. *lol* I completely understand you. My little guy is not ready yet, so I’m not pushing him.

  2. It is such mixed feelings. One minute you want to not have to deal with the not so pretty aspects of motherhood but on the other end it means they are growing up. You are right, we have to let them grow up but we don’t have to be happy about it.

  3. Sigh. I wish Pookah would go Poopy in the toilet. I am so ready for potty training and I am counting down to the 18th month when my pediatrician told me I could start. These diapers are getting nastier and nastier as more and more table foods make their way into my baby’s belly. And the struggle to keep him still and his hands out of it while changing is a daily struggle. I’M ready. I just don’t think he is. 😦

    • So we have opposite issues. Lol. She’s more than ready. Its just that she hardly wants my help with anything as it is. *sigh* I know I’m being silly but she’s my 1st and maybe my last. I want her to stay my little baby just a little longer

    • I know I know 😦 its just me feeling like I’m losing my little baby is all. However I don’t want any regression lol

  4. I wish boys were as quick with this as girls! It sounds like she’s ready…even if you aren’t. πŸ™‚ Lewis can’t even put on/take off his pants yet. We keep a potty in the bathroom but he thinks his foot belongs inside the potty. He’s not ready. Sigh.

    I am all for potty training because changing diapers is such a struggle at this age! Why I gotta fight you to change your poopy diaper?!?

    • Lol jas use to make a fuss about getting her diaper changed. Now she pretends to run from me but once I get up to get her she just goes with it lol.

      I know she ready *sigh* I guess I just need to get with the program.

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