March already?


I can’t believe its already March 1st! That just seems crazy to me. I’m feeling a tad random today so I’ll just go with that. . .

Since feb only had 28 days I guess my child made 16 months yesterday πŸ™‚

My honey is coming to see us next weekend. I’m excited! * dances a jig*

I wore a dress today and if I had balls they’d be freezing off because its so cold in this office

I bought myself an HP mini last month. Funny thing is I still do all of my internet things from my phone. I guess I’m just use to it.

One of my cousins is getting married in sept. I may be making a trip to ATL. . . Maybe

I was suppose to go on a girls trip to jamaica but I can’t stomach leaving my baby for an an entire week. I can do one day but 7, not so much

My job has done a wage freeze for the next 12 months. So that means no matter how hard I work, I won’t get a raise * puts feet up on desk * let the slacking continue

I got new glasses! I love them. They are cute and purple(my fav color) and they only cost me 20 bucks!


Jasmine tries to tickle me. She’s not good at it at all. I think my ribs are bruised 😦

My poor child ran into a door frame on sat morning. She busted her lip and scraped the skin off her nose. Then later on that day she was running and fell and ended up with a knot on her forehead. She looked like she had been in a boxing match 😦 and lost.

I got the urge this weekend to drive over to sperm donors house. I get upset every so often and wanna just pop up. . . But for what? That’s what I ask myself so I never do it. He’s missing out and its not up to me to show him what he’s missing.Β  . . Right? Somebody tell me I’m right!

I guess what’s it for now.


16 thoughts on “March already?

    • you’re not crazy at all. 7 days is way too long for me. i so love these glasses tho. they fit better than my old pair.

  1. Cute glasses. I have two pair I switch between. I just found another pair I want, but don’t want to pay that price. But I recently started to wear my contacts, mainly on weekends.

    You and Jas smiles are similar.(Your pic posted and her in the sidebar)

    Poor Jas. Hopefully this clumsy stage will pass.

    • Thanks! My new glasses and my old ones I can swap back and forth. The precription hardly changed.

      People always comment on how much jas looks like me. She’s my little twin baby my granny said lol

      Man I hope the clumsy stage passes soon as well. It drives me nuts because I’m so worried about her getting hurt

  2. Oww, me likey the new glasses! Poor Jazzy!
    Glad to hear that your honey bear is coming to see you next weekend.
    Whew, am I a bad mommy since I would be all over that 7 days trip??? *lol* Deuces to my son! I’ll see ya in a week!

    • I love these glasses! Jas keep peeling the sore off her top lip. That thing is never going to heal. Lol I just can’t leave my girl for that long at all. I’d miss her too much and it just wouldn’t be a good look.

  3. Cute glasses! I always wonder about people who prefer glasses now that contacts are so popular. Maybe I loathe glasses because I’m extra blind which means my glasses always had to be crazy thick. They’ve come a long way now but I have no desire to wear glasses at all.

    Come to ATL! And bring baby Jas so she and Lewis can meet! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you. I can’t do contacts. I can’t put anything in my eye. It freaks me out lol that’s why I choose glasses.

      I’m debating on the atl trip for sept. But regardless we’re coming next summer for a family reunion

  4. You’re right! Don’t give him the satisfaction of knowing he runs across your mind every now and then. Besides, gas is too damn high to waste on those kinda shenanigans.

  5. Okay, loving the new glasses! I hear you on the vacay thing. I was planning a 4-day girls getaway for my 35th bday in May but nixed it when I thought about how much time I’d be away from my booger. As for sperm donor, he don’t deserve you two ladies so no need to rub his face in it…as tempting as it may be.

    • And thank you too Teresha. I always talk myself out of it but I so wanted to make that drive. And I can’t leave the munchkin for that long. It just doesn’t sit right with me and i’d really miss her. Oh and I loveee these glasses. I’ve gotten so many compliments.

  6. You’re right Chocoloco. You’re right. He doesn’t deserve to see what he’s missing out on and based on what you’ve told me he probably wouldn’t even recognize it. Bastard.

    Jesiiiis. Just come to Atlanta and shut the hell up about it! You know you wanna.

    • Thank you honey. I just need reassurance sometimes.

      Well I don’t know if I wanna attend her wedding lol. I can really wait until next summer

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